At the Kremlin, Trying to Suss out What’s up with Biden

It’s impossible to know whether any of this is true or even if US intelligence agencies really believe it, but part of the propaganda war against Russia is spreading the message that president Vladimir Putin is out of touch, doesn’t really know what’s going on and is losing his mind after two years of COVID-19 related lockdowns. Of course, it’s entirely possible that the Russians believe the same things about American president Joe Biden.

The Real Question

Regardless of how you feel about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the fact that Congress quickly allocated $13.5 billion for military aid to a country which is not even an American ally while over half a million Americans are sleeping outside should make us reconsider our national priorities.

What About Whataboutism

Defenders of American imperialism cleverly use the slur “whataboutism” in order to denigrate anyone who points out that the United States doesn’t have the moral standing to criticize other countries in matters of war and peace.

What Kind of Maniacs Would Use Nuclear Weapons?

Perhaps a little late now that they have painted Russia into a corner, the United States and its allies are worried that president Vladimir Putin might resort to his nuclear arsenal to retaliate against sanctions and US military aid to Ukraine. But only one country has ever been insane enough to use nuclear weapons, not once but twice, each time against civilian targets on purpose. American scientists wanted to test the effect of the atomic bomb on a civilian city without any military infrastructure.