We Don’t Report, We Decide

Carrying water for President Biden’s reelection campaign, and motivated by a misguided desire to protect us from misinformation, the American media refuses to cover the Democratic presidential candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., even though he’s polling about the same as Ron DeSantis on the Republican side. They say they don’t cover him because we’re not interested, but they’re obviously more worried that we are.

Why Are You Not Rioting?

Americans ask: what’s up with France? Why are they so angry and rioting? You could easily ask the same thing about the United States. So many things are terrible. So many of our leaders are corrupt. Why aren’t we angry? Why aren’t we rioting?


Republican House Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has reportedly been removed from the right-wing House Freedom Caucus after several disagreements, including calling her colleague Rep. Lauren Boebert a “b—h” on the House floor.

The Prize Committee

Malcolm Gladwell extolled the wisdom of the crowd, but it should also be noted that assessing quality is not a job that a committee of people is capable of pulling off very well. Work that is controversial, ahead of its time, different or unique falls by the wayside. In the end, winners tend to simply be the person or entry to which no one said no.

All Hail the Prisoner-in-Chief

It is more likely than not that Donald Trump will be on trial, facing prison time, during the 2024 election campaign. It is also more likely than not that he will be the Republican nominee for President of United States. So it’s entirely possible that he will become president behind bars. And the Constitution doesn’t seem to have a problem with that.

Just a Big Joke

Audio has allegedly captured a conversation in which Donald Trump appeared to discuss classified military documents that he knows he wasn’t supposed to have. Trump’s spokesperson claimed that he was “speaking rhetorically and also quite humorously.”

You Can’t Become Popular Because You’re Not Popular Yet

In presidential politics, candidates with low poll numbers don’t receive media coverage or an invitation to debates because of their supposedly low odds. But it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy: you can’t possibly break out and get discovered by the voters because no one knows you exist. Just another reason you keep seeing the same old faces year after year.

A Bad Case of the Stubborns

Joe Biden refuses to step aside in favor of a more electable Democrat. Now the voters are presented with a choice between him and Donald Trump. Somehow, this is not his fault, but your problem.

Zen Trump

“I would like to be less controversial,” Donald Trump told Fox News anchor Bret Baier . “I find the press is extremely dishonest, and if I’m not combative, I don’t get my word across.” His remarks occurred during a contentious interview.

Rise of the Spite-o-cracy

Democrats who are currently prosecuting Donald Trump promised in their election campaigns to do so. Now Trump is promising to do the same thing to Biden if he gets elected. Here comes an endless cycle of spite-based lawfare.