Ken Burns Is Here

Like the fisherman’s wife in the fairy tale, Ukraine keeps asking for more. More money, more weapons, more missiles, now more tanks. Reports say that they are now asking for U.S. fighter jets. Anyone familiar with the history of escalation that led to disaster in the Vietnam war, not to mention Afghanistan and Iraq, knows how this game ends.

George Santos, International Man of Mystery

Nothing about Congressman George Santos is what he purported it to be: his work history, educational background, wealth, family. Now it turns out he was a drag queen in Brazil, but without mad chops. Keep him! He’s by far the most interesting member of Congress.

Top Secret: Operation Distraction Is Go!

Both Presidents Trump and Biden are under fire and under special counsel investigation for taking classified documents with them from the White House. National security was probably never in critical danger. But the distraction factor could be fatal to the national conversations we ought to be having instead.

Full Faith and Credit

When Republicans captured the House of Representatives this past fall, Americans were treated to the happy surprise of their rhetoric, in which they claimed they did not intend to leverage the debt ceiling and risk economic damage as they had done in the past. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. GOP hardliners are holding the creditworthiness of the country hostage even when they vote for the same increased deficits they pretend to care about.

There’s Your Toxic Masculinity Talking

Masculinity has been so maligned in public discussion that even the term “toxic masculinity,” which originally referred to something that men were victims of, has become a redundant statement about how masculinity itself is toxic.

Maybe You Should Go Easy Next Time

Democrats defend Biden for taking classified documents home with him on the grounds that he took fewer and that he turned them in voluntarily, unlike Trump. Problem is, Biden was so vituperative when talking about Trump’s irresponsibility. Hypocrisy is political Kryptonite.

Quit Complaining About Being Told to Shut Up

As if to make his point for him, Prince Harry’s memoir searingly criticizing the royal family and English culture in general for stifling emotional expression was greeted by…Anglo-Saxons demanding that he stifle his emotions.

Conspiracy? In This Mess of a Country?

Members of the QAnon conspiracy theory believe that a cabal of Satan-worshiping blood-drinking elites control politics and the media. Are they seeing a more organized world than we are?

Citizens United in Delusion

“Take money out of politics.” That’s always the prescription. But you can’t get money out of politics until you take money out of society.