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“The Stringer”
graphic novel
by Ted Rall & Pablo G. Callejo
“Political Suicide: The Fight for the Soul of the Democratic Party”
by Ted Rall
“Bernie (Revised 2020 Edition)”
by Ted Rall

First They Came for the Foreigners’ Bank Accounts

            Adam Smith wrote that the efficiency of markets relies on the free movement of goods. What happens when governments seize property in order to exert political pressure—or out of greed?             A major, arguably the primary, incentive of the capitalist system is that it offers the potential of accruing wealth. Individuals and companies rely on government to maintain order, keep conditions like interest rates stable and protect accumulated assets from bank failures, devaluation, fraud and theft, without regard for the political orientation of their owner. In recent years, however, the United States has increasingly been putting its thumb on the scale for ideological reasons, taking assets by ethically and legally dubious means, and imperiling its reputation as a safe haven for deposits and investments.             From the 62-years-and-counting trade embargo against Cuba to the severing of ties with Iran following the hostage crisis to the isolation of South Africa to punish apartheid, the U.S. has repeatedly turned to economic…
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Biden is Giving $40 Billion to Ukraine. Here’s What That Money Could Do Here.

            On top of the $2 billion it already sent to Ukraine, the Joe Biden Administration has asked Congress to ignore its previous request for a $10 billion to pay for updated COVID-19 vaccines for American citizens (pandemic? what pandemic?) and send an additional $33 billion to Ukraine instead. The House of Representatives not only obliged, but authorized more than Biden wanted, $40 billion.             The U.S. Congress does this with military spending all the time. They live to please!             Every Democratic congressman voted “yes” to send weapons to a country that has “several hundred monuments, statues, and streets named after Nazi collaborators,” according to The Forward. That even includes AOC’s “Squad,” who claimed to be progressive.             In the Senate, a rare voice of opposition was raised by libertarian Republican Rand Paul. “We don’t need to be the sugar daddy and the policemen of the world,” Paul remarked. For his trouble, Paul was bizarrely accused of “treason” by…
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Why I Got My 5th Vaccine

Two days ago I went to CVS and I got my fifth COVID-19 vaccine. Based on some of the reactions on social media from my readers, not everyone seems to approve or understand why I made this decision. First, I want to be clear: whether or not you get vaccinated is, as I have said numerous times, entirely up to you. It’s a personal choice. I am extremely uncomfortable with vaccine mandates. As for the particularities of my own situation: I am, objectively, a high-risk pulmonary patient. I have had swine flu, pneumonia more times than I can count, COVID-19 twice, bronchitis literally dozens of times, and last but not least: asthma. My lungs are my Achilles’ heel. I value the protection that the COVID-19 vaccines provide, not against getting infected in the first place, but becoming seriously ill to the point of requiring hospitalization. Studies make pretty clear that the mRNA vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna tend to…
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DMZ America #48: Pulitzer Prize, Roe v. Wade and our Rotten Economy

In this episode Ted, (who is suffering following his fifth Covid shot), and Scott discuss the lousy state of editorial cartooning illustrated by the horrendous winners of the Pulitzer Prize. Next, they discuss the aftermath of the leaked SCOTUS Roe v. Wade decision and the state of progressives in the United States. Lastly, the U.S. economy in free fall and the Biden administration’s stumbling response.    
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