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The Final Countdown – 9/22/23 – Costly Government Shutdown Looms Amid Split in Congress

On this episode of The Final Countdown, hosts Angie Wong and Ted Rall discuss top news, such as the government shutdown split in Congress.    Steve Gill – Attorney and CEO of Gill Media  Mark Sleboda – International Relations and Security Analyst  Manila Chan – Host of Modus Operandi on RT  Scott Stantis – Cartoonist for The Chicago Tribune   The show kicks off with Attorney and CEO Steve Gill joining The Final Countdown to discuss what would happen during a shutdown and if it will benefit the Trump campaign.    Then, International Relations and Security Analyst Mark Sleboda shares his expertise on Ukraine’s investigation of the military’s top brass.    The second hour begins with former host Manila Chan to discuss the ongoing migration crisis in the U.S.    The show closes with Chicago Tribune Cartoonist Scott Stantis weighing in on Chicago considering state-run grocery stores due to an influx in crime.     
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DMZ America Podcast #117: Should President Biden Be Impeached? What is the Legacy of Rupert Murdoch? and Are the Two Major Political Parties Switching Positions?

Editorial Cartoonists Ted Rall and Scott Stantis discuss and dissect the issues of the day. First up, the U.S. House of Representatives has begun an impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden. The question before the House and the country is; if the facts of the Hunter Biden fiasco be traced back to President Biden, should he be impeached? Next up, Ted and Scott discuss the legacy of media mogul Rupert Murdoch. The good, the bad and the ugly. (Scott contends that Murdoch is as important a figure as William Randolph Hearst.) Lastly, Scott asks Ted to expand on his recent syndicated column, documenting the fact that the Republicans and Democrats are realigning themselves in surprising and unexpected ways. Watch the Video Version of the DMZ America Podcast: DMZ America Podcast Ep 117 Sec 1: Should President Biden Be Impeached? DMZ America Podcast Ep 117 Sec 2: What is the Legacy of Rupert Murdoch? DMZ America Podcast Ep 117 Sec 3:…
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The Final Countdown – 9/21/23 – Merrick Garland Grilled by House Committee Over Politicalization of DOJ

On this episode of The Final Countdown, hosts Angie Wong and Ted Rall discuss hot topics, such as AG Merrick Garland being grilled on Capitol Hill.     Ted Harvey – Former Colorado State Senator  and Chairman of StopJoe.com  Steven Hayes – Chairman & President of FairTax Dr. George Szamuely – Senior Research Fellow at the Global Policy Institute & Author  Dan Kovalik – Human & Labor Rights Lawyer    The show begins with Former Colorado State Senator and Chairman of StopJoe.com sharing his perspective on Merrick Garland’s hours-long testimony and his relationship with the DOJ investigation into Hunter Biden.    Then, Chairman & President of FairTax Steven Hayes weighs in on an imminent government shutdown, and divisions within the GOP.    The second hour kicks off with Senior Research Fellow at the Global Policy Institute, Dr. George Szamuely, weighing in on Ukraine’s dispute with Poland over bans on its grain exports, amid the PM announcing he won’t be sending weapons to…
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Trump, the UAW and the Next Realignment

Bipartisanship is dead. But job-killing trade agreements like NAFTA were promoted by politicians of both major parties alike—until Donald Trump. “Our politicians have aggressively pursued a policy of globalization, moving our jobs, our wealth and our factories to Mexico and overseas. Globalization has made the financial elite, who donate to politicians, very, very wealthy. I used to be one of them,” he told an audience in Pennsylvania in 2016. “Many of these areas have never recovered and never will unless I become president. Then, they’re going to recover fast.” They didn’t. The Rust Belt continues to disintegrate. Trump didn’t deliver. But his message proved to be an effective vote generator. It turned Ohio, the ultimate bellwether swing state, red. Formerly Democratic Pennsylvania now swings. So it’s no surprise that Trump is repeating his message to workers: deindustrialization sucks, no one sees your pain but me, and I’ll make it go away. This year, Dr. Trump is going even further than…
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The Final Countdown – 9/13/23 – Poor Coverage of Biden Impeachment Inquiry Raises Questions Regarding Trump’s Treatment

On this episode of The Final Countdown, hosts Angie Wong and Ted Rall discuss hot topics, including the Biden impeachment inquiry.    Chris Widener – Motivational Speaker & Writer Armen Kurdian – Retired Navy Captain, Former City Council Candidate & Political strategist  Dan Kovalik – Human rights lawyer, peace activist  Elijah Magnier – Veteran War Correspondent    The show kicks off with motivational speaker and writer Chris Widener joining to discuss the impeachment inquiry into Biden and how it will affect the President’s 2024 candidacy.   Then, Retired Navy Captain and politician Armen Kurdian shares his perspective on Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin’s pardoning of a father who was arrested in a school board meeting.    The second hour begins with human rights lawyer Dan Kovalik sharing his insights on the summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin and what this alliance means for the West.    The show closes with Veteran War Correspondent Elijah…
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