Refusing to Work for Low Wages Is a Serious Moral Failing

After surprisingly low new employment numbers came out for the month of April, commentators on the right blamed part of the problem on American workers who refuse to take low wage jobs. Why not pressure employers to pay what the market demand?

Paranoid but Fully Vaccinated

Many people are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 yet continue to act as though they need to stay inside and socially distance. This behavior is every bit as irrational and unscientific as the red state conservatives who refused to wear masks last year.

Be the Lame Change You Seek

The corporate centrists who control the Democratic Party have a sneaky new tactic to keep progressives inside the tent: they pretend to propose radical change but don’t do anything to enact it.

Why Derek Chauvin Was Charged in the First Place

After a jury convicted Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd by choking him to death with his knee, many people said that the verdict would set a precedent that would hold police officers accountable in the future. But they are forgetting what it really took to lead to Chauvin getting charged in the first place.

They Looked like Protesters to Me

Incredibly, Republican state legislators in Iowa and Oklahoma half passed bills granting immunity to drivers who is vehicles hit protesters in public streets. Beware of the law of unintended consequences.

Abused Dogs Revel in Newfound Freedom

A few things are being handled somewhat the way that they should be, including the conviction of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin after he was videotaped suffocating a man on video for over nine minutes. The fact that we are pleasantly surprised by the guilty verdict speaks volumes about our lack of faith in the justice system.

Cuz I Was Scared

Police who shoot unarmed civilians use incredibly lame arguments to justify their actions. They thought the wallet in the victim’s hands was a gun. They were distracted by onlookers. Most often, it comes down to being scared. A cop’s vague feeling that he or she might be in danger, without that danger being clearly evidenced, ought not to be cause to kill.

Zoom Nation

There is something Orwellian in the sense that it violates the meaning of language by pandemic-related vocabulary. You don’t “go” to a Zoom meeting. You just click into it.

Why Do You Want to Be When You Grow up?

The shooting of 20 year old Daunte Wright by a Minnesota police officer sparked yet another round of protests by people outraged at cops shooting unarmed Black men. You have to wonder, why would anyone want to become a cop?