But I Can’t Afford to Accept Economic Reality!

Employers are the biggest whiners ever. Most of the time there is an artificial job shortage that allows them to underpay and overwork and abuse employees. Sometimes, like now, there is a rare labor shortage. But when it’s their turn to adjust to economic reality, all they do is whinge and complain.

Everyone’s Got an Opinion but No One Is Willing to Take a Chance

Whatever happened to civil disobedience? Abortion bans are a case in point. Pro-choice activists and physicians feel strongly that women should have the right to an abortion yet very few are willing to risk prison sentences or fines in order to challenge the system by breaking the law.

Export Your Problems to Other States

The governors of Florida and Texas have made news by exporting symbols of the migration crisis, asylum seekers themselves, to northern states like New York and Massachusetts. What if Northerners and leaders of other blue states were to return the favor by exporting their problems?

Democrats in the Year 2525

President Donald Trump hasn’t held political office in nearly two years yet Democrats and their media allies show no sign of a messaging campaign that is mostly directed against him rather than promoting their own agenda.

Only in America

Supporters of Ukraine in its conflict with Russia seem unable to understand the terrible optics of the fact that President Biden, who has essentially entered the war on the side of Ukraine, has a drug addict son who received a lucrative no-show job from Ukraine. There is no distinction between the appearance of conflict of interest and actual conflict of interest.

Very Risky Business

Democrats are currently engaged in a very risky strategy: they are financing right wing pro Trump Republicans in Republican primaries and runoff elections based on the assumption that they will be easier to defeat in the fall. While they are at it, perhaps they should use similar tactics on abortion…

Labor-Management Non-Relations

The clash between labor and bosses used to be so violent that it sometimes resulted in deaths. Now no one wants to talk to one another. Remote workers slack off as quiet quitters, employers scheme as quiet firers and some disgruntled employees slink off to unionize while no one is watching.

How to Feel Lonely

In this politically polarized environment, Americans who dislike both major parties are excluded from the dialogue.

Like Going after Al Capone for Taxes

Former President Donald Trump faces legal and political jeopardy on many fronts. He is arguably guilty of treason for attempting to conspire to overthrow the government on January 6, 2021. As a real estate developer in New York, he engaged in shady tax filings. There have been allegations of fraud. He hobnobs with political extremists. Given all this, it seems strange that what we are talking about, and what the FBI and the Department of Justice are going after him about, is the relatively minor issue of documents that he took out of the White House without permission.

Democracy Isn’t a La Carte

The most effective Republican talking point against Joe Biden’s attempt to forgive outstanding student loans is that people who didn’t go to college shouldn’t have to pay for those who did. But in a country as big as the United States, everyone inevitably has to pay for other people’s choices and politics.