Democratic Progressivism Is a Dead Letter

Progressives did as they were asked and supported Joe Biden in big numbers. But they are completely out in the cold in the new administration. Their ideas are not represented. Nor are any of them in the new administration. So it’s highly unlikely that the new administration will enact any truly progressive policies.

Joe Biden Brings on the Dignity

The departure of Donald Trump removed a leader for whom dignity was a low priority to say the least. But no one’s talking about the embarrassment of having an incoming President of United States who is physically and mentally feeble.

American Dream, 2021 Edition

People from other countries used to dream of coming to the United States. Now even smart young people see few prospects for a bright future. Many of them are looking at their family trees to figure out whether they qualify for a foreign passport.

You Can Sponsor an American for Just $6 a Day

The average congressman is worth $1 million and current base salary of $174,000 a year. Many of them are in considerably more. Yet they think it’s perfectly reasonable to stimulate the economy with $1200 checks every six months. No wonder the economy is tanking again.

When You Find out You’ve Been Doing Terrorism Wrong

It was astonishing to watch hapless Capitol Police not only be easily overwhelmed by a mostly unarmed rabble as they invaded the Capitol building, but some police so clearly ideologically aligned with the protesters who wanted to reverse the election in favor of Trump that they moved gates aside to let them pass and took selfies with them.

Penguin Awareness Day

For many Americans, and not just Republicans, the excitement that some Democrats feel for what looks to be an extremely lackluster Joe Biden administration is beyond perplexing.

Coup Coup Kachoo

President Donald Trump appears to be plotting a coup d’état to keep himself in office despite having lost the election. What exactly will that mean?