Spook or Kook?

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says there will be a formal impeachment inquiry to look into Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine and elsewhere in order to determine whether Joe’s involvement rose to the level of an impeachable offense.

Or We Could Campaign

Democrats are trying to defeat Trump by every conceivable means, and then some, except the most obvious one: run against his ideas, policies, record and personality.

Destroy Democracy To Save It

Groups are suing Secretaries of State across the nation, invoking the 14th Amendment to try to get Trump kicked off the ballot.

Do As I Say, Not As I Did

Presidential libraries for several former U.S. Presidents wrote a joint statement for the first time to warn about the state of American democracy. “Others see our own house in disarray,” they declared. But they didn’t mention their namesakes’ roles in undermining U.S. credibility.

You Can’t Go Home, Home Again

While Joe Biden’s house in Wilmington, Delaware is renovated for upgraded security, he said that he was staying at his luxurious home in Rehoboth Beach instead. “No, I’m not homeless,” he said, oddly. “I just have one home. I have a beautiful home. I’m down here for the day because I can’t go home, home.” Plus there’s the place in Washington.

Abortion vs. Inflation

Democrats and Republicans are going to feud over abortion rights and inflation, respectively, in the coming presidential election. They might not be the most important issues we face, but they’re the ones the politicians will be talking about.

Et Tu, Coup?

The military coup in Gabon prompted Western news outlets to bemoan the threat to democratic institutions and instability in Africa. It’s amusing that they ignored analogous issues in the United States and Europe.

Say It Ain’t So, Robinette

The National Archives has 5,400 emails and records linked to a pseudonym allegedly used by then-Vice President Joe Biden to discuss business with Ukraine with his son Hunter. Biden appears to have used at least three pseudonyms: Robert L. Peters, Robin Ware and JRB Ware, in order to dodge the Freedom of Information Act.

All Hail the Gerontocracy

After his second brain freeze, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, 81, is prompting the question of whether he’s too old for the job. California Senator Dianne Feinstein and President Joe Biden, who both seem too long in the tooth for their jobs, highlight the possibility that we’re descending into gerontocracy.

Foiled in Their Farmland Schemes

33 American states are sucking up to the nativists in their electorates by considering legislation that would prevent Chinese nationals and entities from buying land in their states. As if China can’t spy on the U.S. from satellites!