Magnificent Anti-American Jihadis

Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank and other distressed banks have been done in by rapid increases in interest rates by the Federal Reserve Bank. These commercial banks had long positions in Treasury obligations that lost value as interest rates went up. With monetary friends like these…

It’s a Very Confusing Life

In the classic film “It’s a Wonderful Life,” actor Jimmy Stewart plays a banker who explains why he doesn’t have the money to fulfill the demand during a bank run. Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank collapsed in a different era, one of confusion.

Will You Be the Next Issue Awareness Martyr?

The train derailment in Ohio is the latest example of a situation where the danger was known all along, but nothing was done about it because no one had died yet, or at least the right people hadn’t died yet.

Kojak, Jr.

Between facial recognition software, drones, police databases, cellphone data, license plate, scanners, and remote control vehicles, it has never been easier, or more boring, to be a police detective.

Validation Culture

In cancel culture, people who do something offensive find themselves out of work. Shouldn’t it work the other way around too? Why not reward incompetent people with great jobs if it turns out that they are nice outside of work? Or are we just a bunch of negative people?

Don’t Worry, There’s a Winner

The Russo-Ukrainian war entered its second year amid expert predictions that nothing much will change on the battlefield except that more people will be killed and more things will be destroyed.

That’s What Cancel Culture Is

Controversy that followed race-baiting by cartoonist Scott Adams that led to the cancellation of the iconic comic strip “Dilbert” included numerous people denying the meaning of words and terms involved. Those who were angry and wanted action against him. But they didn’t want to be seen as taking action.

We Have Seen the Future, and It Is Stupid

Open AI’s ChatGPT has captured the imagination of the American public with the prospect that artificial intelligence has finally arrived at the high level promised by science fiction. But many tests find that the product is more inferior than one might expect.

What’s the Worst That Could Happen, Jill?

Will Joe Biden run for reelection despite his age? Democrats are on tenterhooks. Meanwhile, possible Democratic alternatives are on hold, incapable of fundraising or drawing attention to themselves until that they know it’s a wide open field and they can safely announce without disrespecting the president.