We Love Freedom Overseas

American media, and therefore voters, often roar approvingly as the citizens of countries that are at odds with the United States engage in violent protests. When the same thing happens here, however, their hypocrisy becomes readily apparent.

Nice Idea, but How Does It Help Climate Change?

The COP27 climate change conference was supposed to come up with concrete solutions to global warming. Instead, developing nations shook down wealthy nations for compensation on the basis that the countries that contribute to climate change should pay for the damage to the developing world. All well and good, but how does this reverse climate change?

As If We Had All the Answers

Western athletes attending the World Cup in Qatar are trying to send critical political messages to the local authorities. It might seem cute but it’s also rude. If you can’t stand the politics of another country, it might be best not to visit.

When Democrats Win, Democrats Win

Contrary to polls that indicated that they would suffer devastating losses in the midterm elections, Democrats retained control of the Senate. Good for them, but what are they going to do for us voters?

Ron DeSantis: the Other White Meat

Liberal media outlets and many liberal politicians are urging Republicans to nominate Florida governor Ron DeSantis instead of former president Donald Trump. They say he is just as right-wing as Trump but more electable. Then why would Democrats want to run against him?

Missing: My Invitation to Care

Throughout the campaign for the 2022 midterm elections, Republicans played to their base while Democrats chased Republican swing voters. It’s an old strategy that has never worked for Democrats and didn’t work again.

Blame the Progressives

As Democrats size up their losses and the future of the party, the last thing they consider is the possibility that they might bear some responsibility for discontent leading into the 2022 midterm elections. As usual, there’s a convenient whipping boy. As usual, the criticism couldn’t possibly be less justified.