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Too Bad They Don’t Vet Candidates for the Really Really Awful Things They’ve Done

Wearing blackface is/was an idiotic thing for the Virginia governor or attorney general to do when they were young. It may destroy their political careers and maybe that’s OK. But many more politicians do far worse things that truly deserve severe sanctions and get rewarded for them instead.

You Can Support a Candidate You Agree With or One Who’s Electable…Or So They Say

Bernie vs. Hillary is history, so now the mainstream media is gearing up for 2020 with another round of opinion pieces declaring that “centrists” are more electable than “extremists.” There is, however, no evidence to support this argument.

We Need a Wall to Protect the Troops We Need Because There’s Not a Wall

Talk about circular reasoning!

President Trump says he needs to build his border wall in order to protect the thousands of troops he stationed there because there wasn’t a wall. What?

New Rule: Either Shut Up or, When Things Go Against You, Keep Talking

The governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general of Virginia are all Democrats, and they’re all embroiled in scandal. When the scandal only seemed to affect the governor, Democrats were happy to see him replaced by one of their own. Now that the line of succession leads to a Republican official, they’re remaining silent. How can anyone take them seriously?

Who’s the Real Hero? Not the Person Who Enlists in America’s Murderous Military

Apologists for militarism, particularly liberal Democrats, justify those who enlist in America’s murderous military by saying that many soldiers come from parts of the country where good jobs are hard to come by. It’s time to point out that the real act of heroism is personal sacrifice rather than killing innocent people overseas for a slightly better paycheck and benefits.

If the CIA Had Been Right, They Would Have Told Bush That Invading Afghanistan Would Cost $13 Trillion and Another Defeat

The estimated total cost of the US war against Afghanistan is now running $13 trillion, enough to pay off all debts of all Americans. Why didn’t the CIA, which the media trusts implicitly these days, warn us that we’d lose after spending all that money and destroying hundreds of thousands of lives on both sides?

Howard Schultz: Another Businessman Who Says He Can Do To the Country What He Did for Business and Turns Out to be Stupid

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is flirting with a Ross Perot-style independent run for the presidency in 2020. He self-described centrist sounds more like a Republican, complaining that the country can’t afford big-ticket progressive ideas like Medicare For All or free public college tuition. But the figures clearly show we can. After all, we just spent $13 trillion to invade and get defeated in Afghanistan!

Internet Security Is So Good It’s Even Safe From You

Logging on to a website used to be a simple task: enter your username and password. Now the need to keep hackers out has made logging on so difficult one wonders whether it’s worth it at all.