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If Watergate Happened Now the Press Would Be Too Busy Reporting on Tweets

There’s something bizarrely inane about so-called news reports whose content consists entirely of stating that someone tweeted something. Tweets aren’t news. They’re tweets. And tweets don’t need to be reported. They are their own micro-reports.

How Kale Took Over the World

Remember the world before kale? How to believe but there was once a time, very long ago, perhaps a decade or two ago, when no one had ever heard of this leafy green vegetable. Now it’s everywhere, and in everything, and it isn’t even any good. You kind of have to admire the genius marketing behind it.

Americans Call Them “Wimps” But It’s the French Who Burn Cities Over a Gas Tax Hike

The “yellow vest” street protest movement has provoked the most violent confrontation between the people and government since May 1968. And it started out over a gas tax. Meanwhile Americans put up with all sorts of nonsense but have the nerve to call the French cowards and wimps.

Google Maps is an Enigma Wrapped in a Logic Bomb

Google Maps is a mindbender. The GPS technology is accurate because it relies on other smartphone users. When it spots a traffic jam, it reroutes you to avoid the delay. But if it tells everyone to switch routes, doesn’t that contradict the whole point?

California Wildfire Victims Keep Capitalism Strong by Being Kept Homeless

Victims who were displaced by the wildfires in California are being told that they are going to have to wait at least three months in order to receive any kind of housing shelter. Yet the United States and California have hundreds of thousands of vacant units, hotel rooms, and second vacation homes. Why can’t we use any of those? Well, we could. But there are good reasons not to.

I’ve Always Wanted to Be Oppressed By Someone Who Looks Like Me

The Congress that emerged from the 2018 midterm elections is by most measures the most diverse in terms of identity politics of any Congress in American history. There are over 100 women. One out of five members is a member of a racial or ethnic minority. But what difference does it really make to ordinary Americans?

How the US Uses Godawful Guys to Fight Bad Guys

The Trump Administration’s CIA has determined what the rest of the world has known for many weeks: the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohamed bin Salman, ordered the brutal murder and dismemberment of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. It has long been clear the Donald Trump hasn’t wanted to do anything about it. Now he says that we need Saudi Arabia to fight Iran. In other words, use worse guys to fight bad guys?