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Under Capitalism, Expensive Equipment is Always, Unlike People, Innocent Until Proven Guilty

After a Lion Air Boeing 737 Max 8 plane crashed in Indonesia, it turned out that the accident was probably caused by the failure to train pilots in a new automated piloting protocol. But rather than ground the planes immediately, American officials waited. Then another Boeing 737 Max 8 crashed, probably for the same reason, this time in Ethiopia. Again, the U.S. waited, becoming one of the last countries to deny the planes permission to fly. Why didn’t we put safety first? Because profits matter more than people.

In 2020 Will Socialist Be A Smear? Or a Compliment?

Donald Trump pointed to a 2020 Republican talking point in his State of the Union Address when he said America would never become a socialist country. Most of the major presidential contenders adhere to “democratic socialist” Bernie Sanders’ principal platform promises so, no matter who wins the Democratic nomination, you know the GOP will wallow in McCarthyism.

Ilhan Omar’s Tormentors Are Proving Her Point

New Congressman Ilhan Omar is catching flak from establishment pro-Israel Democrats over remarks that pointed out that Israel’s lobbying prowess in Washington is formidable. The ironic part is, those saying Israel doesn’t have that much power are proving that it does by trying to crush her.

People Should Have the Self-Discipline to Resist a Billion-Dollar Advertising and Marketing Behemoth

Americans live in a culture that has been configured into a cash-extracting consumerist super-mall. When people spend, they’re merely doing what they’re told to do over and over and over again. How does conformity make people evil?

Need Extra Cash? Blackmail Donald Trump. He’ll Pay.

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen dished on the president in testimony before Congress. There were many tasty revelations, like the one that Trump didn’t want his college transcripts released. Personally I went for the useful one: if you’re ever short of cash you can blackmail the billionaire even for the sins he hasn’t committed. A most interesting form of economic stimulus.

If Climate Change Were an Asteroid, Humanity Would Drop Everything To Stop It

The world isn’t doing anything to stop or reverse global warming. Which, considering that it could literally result in human extinction, is totally insane. What if the existential threat were more cinematic?

Democrats Are Gay for Robert Mueller and It’s Getting Silly

Democrats’ expectations for Robert Muller and his investigation of the Trump campaign and possible collusion with Russia have risen to such heights that it’s hard to imagine that they won’t be seriously disappointed.

Left-Wing Hoaxers Are the Only Reason the Awesome Trump Administration Looks Bad

“Empire” TV actor Jussie Smollett is accused of faking a racial and homophobic bias attack on himself in Chicago, allegedly in order to make the Trump Administration look bad. But hey, it’s not anyone needs to fake anything to make Trump, the Republicans or the United States look awful. The truth is bad enough.