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Blue No Matter Who

Some Democrats say that they are “blue no matter who.” Trump, they say, is such an existential threat that they will vote for anyone who winds up as the Democratic nominee for president. But is it really wise to extend such a blank check to a party that has disappointed us so many times before?

It’s Like the US Isn’t Even Trying to Lie Convincingly About War

Trump Administration officials like National Security Advisor John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are urging war against Iran on the grounds that the Shia republic is making common cause with Al Qaeda, which is Sunni and thus Iran’s mortal enemy. Not only is this not true, it cannot be true,.

Alzheimer’s and the Vicious Circle of Slow Death

Alzheimer’s makes patients want to walk. Then it makes them fall. But you can’t restrain them. All that caregivers can do is watch helplessly as their loved ones get up and crash, over and over.

Politics isn’t about Politics, it’s about Style and Tone So Let’s Admit It

In American politics a politician can express a tone in complete contrast to their reality. It’s the tone that voters believe.

The Healthcare System is Demented

After my mother fell and broke her arm, she ended up in the hospital. Medicare covered five days in the hospital and three weeks of rehab. Then the insurance troubles began.

Bidenism: Let’s Do 1/2 of a Lot of Good Things

Joe Biden is running a presidential campaign predicated on the assumption that there is a middle ground between two extreme sides on every issue. Truth is, the mood of the electorate is binary on a lot of things and are they really wrong? It’s not like you can save just half the planet.

Looking for Impeachable Offenses in All The Wrong Places

Seems like president can only get impeached for two things these days: sex or obstruction of justice. Too bad we can’t impeach them for the things that they all do.

What Do You Do When You’re Caring For Someone with Alzheimer’s?

Over the last few years, I have been the sole caregiver for my mother, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The word you keep hearing from professionals is that your loved one is “confused.” But they’re not the only one.

Can Trump Be Indicted? He Certainly Has Enough Free Time to Deal with Legal Procedings

Aside from the assumption that there is a US citizen who is above the law, the Justice Department policy that says that a sitting president cannot be indicted fails on its initial logic. According to legal theorist, the President of the United States is way too busy to deal with all the hassles of facing criminal charges while he is in office. The problem is, modern presidents have a lot of free time. Donald Trump has plenty of time for his ridiculous rallies. Like his predecessors, he watches sports. He golfs one out of every three days. He’s always on Twitter. Let’s face it: being too busy just isn’t a good excuse.