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Trump is Winning. Sure, the Country is Screwed But Who Cares?

The Trump Administration is bullying its way into big wins. Pundits warn about the cost to civic society, but why should the Trumpies care about that? They’re getting what they want and that’s what really matters.

We Must Sever Ties with Saudi Arabia. But We Can’t.

Reports that Saudi Arabia murdered a US-based journalist in its consulate in Istanbul led to an obvious conclusion: the US should sever diplomatic ties with the kingdom. But they can’t. The Saudis are too influential. So how is it that we are still considered a superpower?

What Did You Do During the Climate Wars, Daddy?

After World War II there was a cliche that children asked their fathers what they had done during the war. Did they do the right thing, join the resistance and fight the occupiers? Did they collaborate? Or did they hunker down and simply wait for liberation by braver souls? The United Nations authority on climate change says the world has less than 12 years left to impose radical changes on industrialization or it will face extremely dangerous ecological consequences. What are we doing to fight industrial capitalism? So far, nothing. What is wrong with us???

Boy Meets Girl, Girl Meets Boy, Both Are Terrified

After the Senate confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court in a highly politicized vote, the #MeToo Movement crystallized into a perfect storm of mutual suspicion between the genders.

What If It’s Another Gary Condit?

We will probably never know whether Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape Christine Ford 36 years ago at a high school party, but we do know that it’s very difficult to ascertain guilt or innocence based on televised testimony. I personally think he is guilty. But what if it’s another situation like Gary Condit?

The Report from On High

As anti-Brett Kavanaugh protesters waited outside in DC, senators were privileged to see the secret FBI investigation that failed to provide corroborating evidence for Christine Ford’s allegation of sexual assault. But there wasn’t much to the investigation in the first place.

What If White House Reporters Actually Held the President Accountable?

If White House reporters had any self-respect or were oppositional at all, they would fight back against Donald Trump’s ruthless mistreatment at press conferences.

Post-Kavanaugh Personnel Decisions

Some people on the political right bemoan the fact that someone with Brett Kavanaugh’s qualities could be disqualified for high office due to sexual misconduct in his past. It’s hard to believe society will lose that much if that’s true.