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Enlist in Donald Trump’s Space Force!

Donald Trump once again blew up the Internet by riffing on something insane. This time: Space Force! Trump appears to believe that the galaxy is under threat by alien invasion and that the United States military will be creating a Space Force to defend humanity. Given Trump’s obsessive xenophobia, one assumes that there will of course be a Space Wall to defend too.

Democrats Know Know Know They’re Gonna Win

Democratic voters think that the only way they can get rid of Donald Trump is for Democrats to impeach him. And that can only happen if Democrats retake Congress. Never mind the fact that Nancy Pelosi has said that there is no way that Democrats are going to impeach Donald Trump. Democrats desperately want the big win this fall in the midterm elections that would allow them to take that both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Toward that end, they are carefully studying “special elections” in districts that voted for Donald Trump to see if they can get Democrats elected in areas where they lost in 2016. They’ve been looking with optimism at districts in Virginia, Alabama, and now Pennsylvania where Democrats were able to squeak out victories against incumbent Republicans. However, most of those races have a little in common with the vast majority of the races that we will see this November. The split between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton continues to divide the Democratic Party and until the mainstream corporate types who run the party open up the party to the activist progressives on the far left, odds are that many Progressives will sit out the election this fall.

The Coffee Stirrer is the Ultimate American Thing

Give some thought to the trash you never think about: the humble coffee stirrer you use for, like, three seconds max and casually chuck into the trash. You could use a spoon. And not lick it. And leave it for someone else to use. But that would be too icky. Though not as icky as the billions of stirrers in the oceans. I used to draw cartoons like this for the Sierra Club. Unfortunately, today’s environmental organizations don’t get or understand the power of cartoons to convey these ideas. Otherwise I’d do a lot more of these.

What’s Better? A Right-Wing Congresswoman or a Left-Wing Congressman?

More than 500 women are running for Congress! That’s big news demographically. But will the victorious women really change the system? History suggests no. From awful female leaders like Margaret Thatcher and Indira Ghandi and Hillary Clinton to the historical precedent of groundbreaking black leaders like Charles Rangel and Barack Obama, it’s clear that identitarianism serves the system as a distraction from its essential nature. Policy matters. Symbolism, not so much. What we need are leftist Congressmen and Congresswomen, not just Congresswomen.

In America, Only a Madman Tries to Make Peace

It took Richard Nixon to go to China and to start the Environmental Protection Agency. Now it seems that it’s going to take another right-wing president, Donald Trump, to come to terms with North Korea over its nuclear missile program. It’s tempting for Democrats to mock everything Donald Trump does, but let’s face it, this is exactly the kind of dealmaking America needs if it works out.

Your Boss Is Conspiring With Your Would-Be Future Boss To Keep You From Ever Getting a Raise

The booming economy has created a labor shortage. So why are wages still low? Because employers are conspiring to make workers, even in low-wage sectors like fast food, incapable of leaving. Welcome to the era of monopsony-driven slave labor.

Another Reason Your Cellphone Service Sucks

Two phone companies are working to bring 4G cell phone service to The Moon. What about all the parts of the United States, including within major cities like Los Angeles, that don’t have decent reception? Not as sexy as a frozen lifeless rock.

Japan Is Building Conversation Robots for the Elderly. What Would Robots for Old Americans Look Like?

Confronted with an aging population, Japanese robotics developers are working on conversational human companions for the elderly. Some are extremely realistic and the technology is very promising. On the other hand, in the United States, there seems to be little interest in such projects. Instead, artificial intelligence and robotics are mostly being dedicated to replacing manual laborers and service workers. It probably won’t happen, buy what if America took a cue from the Japanese, who are far more forward looking?

No Country Has Interefered with Other Countries’ Elections More Than the US. Why Should Anyone Listen to Our Complaints About Russia?

There still isn’t any convincing evidence that Russia “hacked” the US election in 2016. But there were clearly bots that were programmed somewhere in Russia. It might not be perfect behavior, but it’s more than a little galling to hear the US, which has overthrown countless governments using coups and regime change via brute military force, complain about a foreign country interfering and meddling with its sovereign political situation.