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Recovery: New Job, Day One

There are signs of a genuine nascent recovery in the US economy, four years after it was formally announced by government propagandists. But the new jobs pay less, and it will take a long time before newly hired workers feel safe enough to risk spending again.


I draw cartoons for The Los Angeles Times about issues related to California and the Southland (metro Los Angeles).

This week: After a long and grueling campaign marked by unprecedented spending on negative attack ads in the media, the people vote. It’s all calm…for now. The next round of elections is Spring 2013.

Los Angeles Times Cartoon

I draw a weekly editorial cartoon for The Los Angeles Times. With a little luck—and a bigger budget for hiring—this might turn into a staff cartooning job where I’d be doing work about Los Angeles and California throughout the week.

Here is this week’s offering: A University of Illinois study finds that Los Angeles is the second-most corrupt region in the United States.

Reduction in Force

When I was growing up, a “layoff” was something that happened while a factory closed temporarily in order to allow surplus inventory to be sold. Then workers came back to work. Why can’t corporations just admit it–they’re firing people?