It Isn’t Easy Being a Democrat

Many Democrats fantasize that a recession or other economic downturn will hurt Donald Trump’s chances of reelected. But of course they would be affected too.

Recovery: New Job, Day One

There are signs of a genuine nascent recovery in the US economy, four years after it was formally announced by government propagandists. But the new jobs pay less, and it will take a long time before newly hired workers feel safe enough to risk spending again.

The Bad News About the Good News

35% of Americans have debts and unpaid bills that have been reported to collections agencies. But it’s not all bad news. The collections industry is hiring. But wait.

Los Angeles Times Cartoon

I draw a weekly editorial cartoon for The Los Angeles Times. With a little luck—and a bigger budget for hiring—this might turn into a staff cartooning job where I’d be doing work about Los Angeles and California throughout the week.

Here is this week’s offering: A University of Illinois study finds that Los Angeles is the second-most corrupt region in the United States.

Reduction in Force

When I was growing up, a “layoff” was something that happened while a factory closed temporarily in order to allow surplus inventory to be sold. Then workers came back to work. Why can’t corporations just admit it–they’re firing people?


It’s only a matter of time before job applicants start reverse-faking their resumes.

I’ve been sitting on this cartoon for a while, waiting for a slow news week. Since that’s never going to happen, here it is anyway.