Recovery: New Job, Day One

There are signs of a genuine nascent recovery in the US economy, four years after it was formally announced by government propagandists. But the new jobs pay less, and it will take a long time before newly hired workers feel safe enough to risk spending again.

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  • The job market has always been like trying to step from stone to stone to get across a pond.

    But where most stones turned out to be alligators.

    Mergers, buy outs, downsizes, moves to different states and countries, etc. makes it very smart to keep an up-to-date resume, and stay very light on your feet and ready to jump so the ‘gator won’t get you.

    Who could have guessed it could get worse?

  • Nah, Ted – the obvious management move here is to lay off one of the old guys, as the new guy is probably working for half of what they make. As Tom Lehrer used to sing, «By God how the money rolls in !»….


  • Most of the ‘recovery’ winds up in the pockets of the one percent. They crashed the economy, so what – when the dust settles they’ll own a larger percentage of whatever’s left.

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