It Isn’t Easy Being a Democrat

Many Democrats fantasize that a recession or other economic downturn will hurt Donald Trump’s chances of reelected. But of course they would be affected too.

5 thoughts on “It Isn’t Easy Being a Democrat

  1. 1. The dems can’t even impeach Trump. They would, but the investigation would drag all their dirty laundry out in the open. Of course, it must be hard for them to not impeach Trump because it is literally the worst move they could make (so, they keep asking demselves, why aren’t we doing it). It’s a classic Kirk-beats-the-computers feedback loop. The dems must have sooooo much to hide that they aren’t jumping on the worst possible move available to them. Granted, supporting Biden, whose dementia is now undeniable, is a terrible strategy–and backing Warren’s a close second because Trump will simply eat her alive–but impeaching Trump would be a Vietnam-level tactical error. I’m shocked the animated cadaver of Nancy Pelosi isn’t insisting on it as she fumbles her way onto a podium somewhere.
    2. Ted, why do I keep getting “awaiting moderation” notices on my posts? Is it my breath?

  2. What’s wanted, Ted, is a «recession or other economic downturn» that only hurts those who have previously voted for Mr Trump and are considering repeating the act or those who might do so for the first time in November next year. For those who know how – and above all, when (tips on the next pirouette in Mr Trump’s war on China’s economic and technological development don’t hurt) – to sell short, it would merely constitute an opportunity to make still more money…. ;_)


  3. Here’s a fantasy: Dems & socialists take the Senate and strengthen their lead in the House. Trump is reelected … THEN we can impeach him all to hell.

    A man can dream.

  4. Once again, I suggest that anyone wanting an accurate account of the state of the US economy needs to ignore a) government proclamations and 2) MS media.

    Go to jackrasmus dot com, click the link (“click here to listen to the show”) in the second box down on the right, i.e. “Jack’s Weekly Radio Show.”

    On the page that appears, scroll down to “Alternative Visions” episode(s) of choice.

    • True, falco.

      Nomi Prins in her book “Collusion” wrote that the stock market numbers are meaningless because of all the government “Public Assistance” begun under Obama that hides market performance from analysts.

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