A New Plan for Mike Bloomberg: Stay inside

After Mike Bloomberg delivered a historically disastrous performance at his first Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas, you have to wonder how it was possible for him to get 19% in the polls purely on the strength of TV ads. From now on, if he wants to survive, he has to stay indoors.

The Good News about Michael Bloomberg Is That He Won’t Bug You

Michael Bloomberg won’t be in the first primaries. He won’t be in the debates. He doesn’t have any policies. If he becomes president, he probably will never hear about him anymore than the people of New York heard from him when he was mayor. So maybe he would be a good president.

Bloomberg’s Campaign War Room Response to Its First Crisis

Michael Bloomberg’s campaign faced its first crisis when the fact that he was a misogynist sexist pig during his Wall Street days of the 1970s and 1980s came out in the press. The good news is, he has so little support that he doesn’t have much to lose.