Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell 2.0

Days after signing a “religious freedom” bill that allows businesses to be indemnified from lawsuits filed by LGBT people for discrimination, Indiana governor Mike Pence tried to backtrack for fear that his state would be vilified and face economic boycotts by the rest of the country. What compromise will he come up with to assuage his right-wing FoxNews-watching base, while appearing not to be that homophobic?

Women in Combat

Gays in the military are OK. How can we get women into combat? Don’t ask, don’t tell.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Care

It seems appropriate this Memorial Day to think about all the gays and lesbians who died for their country, which insisted that they lie about who they were.

Change Takes Time

Obama invited gays to the White House, but still treats them like second-class citizens.