Don’t Ask, Don’t Care

It seems appropriate this Memorial Day to think about all the gays and lesbians who died for their country, which insisted that they lie about who they were.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Care

  1. The Westboro Baptist Church is now going to picket at Dio’s memorial. I guess they’re taking a break from picketing at the funerals of soldiers.

  2. He’s a democrat? LOL…that is too funny…yeah, I checked it out. He provides rooms for Democratic campaign workers and stuff. Seriously…WTF? Like…really…W…T…F!?

    Ted, write a story about it…investigate Fred Phelps…just make sure you mention anal copulation, it’s his favorite term.

  3. It seems apropriate to think of all the innocent people, straight, gay or assexual that they killed for your country. Memorial indeed…

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