Change Takes Time

Obama invited gays to the White House, but still treats them like second-class citizens.

10 thoughts on “Change Takes Time

  1. Whoa! You could make one those 365-day cartoon calendars with the endless and senseless position turnarounds of the Obama administration on personal freedom, peace, labor, social justice, and the environment.

    Is it my imagination or is Rall drawing Obama with Nixon's jowls?

    Nixon, the last liberal president

  2. It's sad. Really. I was listening to his administration mouthpiece talking about "patience" for gays and all I could think of were bodies of lynching victims when black people were being told to have "patience".


  3. And just as blacks got what they wanted by being patient, so too will gay folks.

    Or they can continue to agitate and just drive the date of getting what they want far, far off into the future.

    Their call.

  4. Yeah, you really could make the calendar….it's really obnoxious, even on simple things they're still taking the Bush Administration line.

    What a sad sad waste of an epic crisis and a nation on the verge of being pissed off enough to say something.

  5. Gays were invited to the White House back in the mid-nineties. So they should be grateful to be invited now?

    It was a huge slap in the face for Obama to allow Rick Warren to speak at his inauguration. Like he couldn't find an apolitical preacher or pastor instead?

  6. Face it kids. We got took.

    We figured the DLC fauxdem was bad, since Hillary is indeed a DINO, and voted for the guy that said he was a progressive.

    I've passed more progressive kidney stones.

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