Gays Get the Right to Murder Muslims and Steal Their Oil Too

For the first time, the Pentagon has announced that gay and lesbian troops cannot be fired for their sexual orientation. So much for Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell! But trans people still don’t have the right to murder Muslims and steal their oil.

5 thoughts on “Gays Get the Right to Murder Muslims and Steal Their Oil Too

  1. The problem with the authoritarian pyramid of power is not that there is not enough diversity in it, but that it still exists at all.

    It takes a black man to step solidly on the rights of black people with an oppressively silent response, where a white man would be severely chastised.

    • As I’ve said in a previous comment on another cartoon, the U.S. is a completely pathologically insane and sociopathic society. It really boggles the mind. It will take a more powerful outside force to destroy it; there will be no “rising up” from within.

  2. Thanks, Ted, for keeping your eye on the ball ! The main question – and it cannot be too highly emphasized – is not who is allowed to be a member of the US military, but rather to what ends that military force is employed….


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