If Trump Launches a Coup D’état to Try to Stay in Power

Trump hasn’t only refused to concede to Biden. He is challenging election results, hoping to trigger the 12th amendment, and firing key officials who might resist his orders to impose martial law if he refuses to leave. What would the resistance look like? Not much.

Background Checks at the Womb

The Boston Marathon bombings have prompted Republican calls to delay immigration reform and tighten the border. But self-radicalized Muslims can be born here. The solution: conduct background checks at the womb.

A Tragic Alternative

After a LAPD officer reported a partner for kicking a homeless man, he was fired for filing a false report. Then Officer Christopher Dorner went on a rampage, shooting four people before being forced to commit suicide in a burning cabin. A tragic end, but what’s the alternative for people ground down by an unfair system?

Focus on the Good Apples

After Sgt. Bales shoots 16 unarmed civilians in Afghanistan, the Army and the U.S. urge Afghans to focus on the good work being done by U.S. occupation troops.

Without Permission

Local police clear Occupy movement Occupiers out of small public parks around the United States because they don’t have official permission.

Boycott the Body Scan

If you’re flying Thanksgiving week, support the national boycott on the radiation-based body scan machines at TSA checkpoints. Insist on a pat-down. It’s humiliating and intrusive, but at least there won’t be a nude image of you on sale somewhere next year. Also, it slows down the system–which could force the government to reconsider this awful decision.

The Curse

American soldiers are complaining about PTSD in greater numbers.