Focus on the Good Apples

After Sgt. Bales shoots 16 unarmed civilians in Afghanistan, the Army and the U.S. urge Afghans to focus on the good work being done by U.S. occupation troops.

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  • Disregarding the fact that there’s been some questioning of the official story (i.e. about Bales acting alone), what’s the big difference him and the grunt who remotely blows up women and children? Or the Mass-Murderer-in-Chief who orders the bombing?

  • Exactly Buceph – Why the disconnect between the act itself and the intention? Meanwhile, people are way up in arms over the killing of a kid by a neighborhood watch guy, while details still stream in showing that he may have been attacked, knocked to the ground and was having his head slammed into the ground. Whatever happened to the old USA that got tired and fed up with useless killing and wars? Many Americans are scary because they seem to live in a bubble that allows no common sense or ethics in.

  • Ted, I’m glad you get the issues regarding the “government” in Afghanistan. And of course, it goes without saying that they don’t control much of the country either.

  • Yeah, Ted — why don’t you give us one about the thug who tails a “f***ing coon” to within yards of where the black kid is spending time with family? When the kid acts in self-defense and knocks the thug on his butt, he gets killed because the aggressor is acting in “self-defense”? One has to wonder: If the shooter had been black and the dead man white — would he have escaped arrest? (Sorry to hijack the thread, but it makes me sick to think that somebody can stalk and kill an innocent person if that person defends himself against a stranger.)

  • Screw-The-Writers Post has a story about a malaria drug possibly contributing to the atrocity. Maybe they should give Bales a loaded weapon, post him at the next JCS meeting, then dose him? Just an idea – we must get to the bottom of this.

  • Perhaps the Commander in Chief has been smoking Mefloquine in those sneaked cigarettes and that explainsthe homocidal rage – and the extended wars, the drones, the secret prisons, the torture, etc, etc ? But Mefloquine has only been around since the 1970s – what about all those mass murderers who occupied the office of US president prior to that time ?…


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