Without Permission

Local police clear Occupy movement Occupiers out of small public parks around the United States because they don’t have official permission.

6 thoughts on “Without Permission

  1. Gosh darn, if the entire planet needs policing, who better to do it, huh? Trying to maintain a status quo is becoming a real hard job, and yes, while I understand that the centralized reserve style of fraudulent banking is what got us into this mess – it’s what the world has bought into with the Federal Reserve, the IMF, World Bank, WTO and more. Ultimately, it may not be sustainable without reducing the global economy to a world of poor people working hard to keep the rich afloat. Keep the workers in tow with constant terrorism alerts and wars. Huh? That sounds a bit like what is happening now. Maybe that is our mandate?

  2. Didn’t we claim that the middle east guys had to go for forcibly ending protests? Funny how America only thinks the absolute right to assemble and protest exists, only in other countries, specifically ones we don’t like.

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