Randi Rhodes Slams Hannity

Yesterday Air America’s Randi Rhodes–as readers know, she’s my favorite Air America host–held forth on the Reagan “controversy” and the way Sean Hannity treated me on his radio show.

Check out www.randirhodesarchives.com, click on the 2nd half of June 9th.

What About His Family?

One emailer asks:

Mr. Rall, you have the right to say anything that you want. Mr. Reagan is dead. But Mrs. Reagan is alive and can be hurt by what you say. She is suffering right now and having to go through the funeral of her husband. I know, I’ve been there, done that. Couldn’t you wait until after the funeral before beginning your rant?

First of all, everyone has family. When Fidel Castro dies, his relatives will be sad, but I doubt that’ll cause Republican commentators to lay off. (And yes, I’m comparing Reagan to Fidel–even though Castro isn’t quite as bad as Reagan.) Nor should it.

Second, the only time America will talk about Reagan’s legacy is now. In two weeks, no one’ll care. That’s why we’re talking about this now. On the other hand, if editors opened their pages to old topics, that would change.

Finally, liberals would lay off Reagan if conservatives weren’t laying it on so thick. Suggesting that RR belongs on Mt. Rushmore, trying to evict Alexander Hamilton from the $10 bill for Ronnie, calling him one of the best presidents ever, giving him credit for ending the Cold War–it’s all so over the top, so absurd, so exagerrated that someone has to point out the obvious: it ain’t so.

Teddy, Are You Queer?

Well? Am I?

That’s what a lot of Republicans want to know. My hate mailers love dimestore psychology. Maybe I was beaten up as a kid–that’s why I dislike Reagan and Bush. (Though, it must be said, I was never a male cheerleader.) Why’d I bring up the AIDS crisis of the 1980s, during which Republicans suggested that detention camps were the best solution…as opposed to say, more funding for research? Could I be…gay?

If I am gay, if I love to partake of sins of the flesh with tight, rippled he-men, then it’s none of anybody’s Goddamned business.

If I am straight, I shouldn’t declare that either. Being gay isn’t bad and being called gay isn’t an insult. Progressive straights who point to their heterosexuality help propagate homophobia.

Rush Declares Jihad On Your Humble Narrator!

I don’t understand why so few of my fellow Democrats are afraid to say in public what they say in private, over beers with their friends. And I can’t imagine how anyone, even hard-right Reaganite Christianists, can find it surprising or confusing that not everybody is convulsing with grief now that the guy has finally admitted, 20 years late, that he’s dead.

After all, millions of Americans became homeless because of his budget cuts of psychiatric facilities. Millions more lost their jobs because he bankrupted the federal treasury. And half a million people died of AIDS because he refused to fund research into the disease. Millons of college students were forced to drop out of school because of him, and millions of other Americans earned, and still earn, less because of his union busting and corporate welfare. Surely conservatives must recognize that those people–most people–might still hold a grudge, what with the death and maiming and poverty and all.

Alas not. For we must all kneel at the casket of a man who didn’t give a shit about his own children, much less the citizenry at large.

Well, not me, anyway. And for that unpardonable sin, right-wing talk radio king Rush Limbaugh lambasted me on his nationally syndicated radio show yesterday. It should be pointed out, by the way, that this cowardly drug-addled blowhard didn’t dare go toe to toe with me on his program to discuss Reagan.

Some lowlights follow:

RUSH: We go to Raleigh, North Carolina. Hello, Wendy, nice to have you with us.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I don’t know that I can even get through this. I loved Reagan so much, and for four days I have just really been heartbroken, but then when I heard what Ted Rall wrote about Reagan and hoping that he was turning a crispy brown right now because of his policies in office. These things need to be told, Rush, and I’m so glad you’re going to tell them because these people are the ones that are supporting the Democrats, they’re supporting the liberals and this is the hate that they have, and it has nothing to do with reality, it has nothing to do with who the president was at that time. He was a great man.

OK, so the caller is upset Reagan’s dead. Fine. But “heartbroken”? For God’s sake, woman, the dude’s been in a vegetative state since today’s teenagers were born! You might have seen this tragedy coming.

RUSH: You did great, Wendy.

CALLER: I’m sorry.

RUSH: No, no, no, no, this is good. Ted Rall did write some things, I’m sure many of you have heard about it. He did say that he was sure or he hoped that Reagan was turning a crispy brown, meaning he’s burning in hell for what he did to people. You know, Wendy, the best thing I can say to you at this time of your grief and your pain is probably to tell you how Reagan would react to this.

CALLER: He would have ignored it.

RUSH: He would have ignored it and he would have laughed about it, and he would have taken it as a measure of his success.

On this point Rush and I agree.

CALLER: But he can’t defend himself so, Rush, you have to.

RUSH: Well, but you know, we were just discussing this in the break. Ronald Reagan was bigger than the media in life, he’s bigger than the media in death, and he’s certainly, Wendy, bigger than this little leprechaun, Ted Rall. This is simply Ted Rall trying to get some light shining on himself. This is one of the reasons why I have a conundrum here about talking about these people. All he’s trying to do is get noticed, all he’s trying to do is bask in some of the light that naturally shines on Ronald Reagan.

Leprechaun? But I’m not even Irish!

CALLER: But he also said those horrible things about Pat Tillman. People just really need to see the hate speech that comes out of that side.

RUSH: I think more and more people are. The media, you know, there’s no condemnation of this guy.

CALLER: There isn’t.

RUSH: You know, I say one little joke, one little thing they take out of context about the Abu prison photos, and it’s news for two weeks, right?

Um, nice joke, Rush. The dude called the murder of at least 25 Iraqi prisoners, and the sexual humiliation and beatings of hundreds more, akin to a “Skull and Bones” frat prank. One little thing, indeed.


RUSH: This guy, there’s no condemnation of him. In fact, there are people trying to understand what he’s doing. You must understand from where he’s coming, and you must understand that, well, this is a free speech era, and he’s in the media, and he can say whatever he wants, and it would be terrible to shut him down, don’t you think? Those are the reactions, because the thing is there are people who are glad he’s saying it. There are people on his side of the aisle happy he’s saying it, so that they don’t have to. And the more outrageous it is, the more coverage it gets, the more successful they think it’s going to be. It’s just the opposite, Wendy. These people are nailing themselves in their own coffins is what’s happening here. This is not how you build a movement. You do not build a movement on hate. You don’t build loyalty and trust and expand your base of influence with this kind of emotion and rhetoric, epitomized by Ted Rall. And so when I first saw it, I’ve gotten so accustomed to these people saying things, I think they’re in a contest now to see who can out outrage the other on the left. I look at this stuff, and I must tell you that a smile comes to my face when I see it, there’s some anger in there, but ultimately I end up smiling because you have to know, you’ve lived your life, you probably haven’t known anybody personally like this, have you?

RUSH LIMBAUGH says you don’t build a movement on hate? RUSH LIMBAUGH? Argggghhhhhh!


RUSH: Well, you’re very kind. You’re very kind. I appreciate it. I’m going to play these two sound bites. And I should point out this Ted Rall guy is a cartoonist and his work appears in the New York Times now and then. His work appears in major newspapers. Major leftist newspapers don’t have a problem with this guy. I think the Tillman cartoon did get yanked by the syndicator or a couple papers. Let’s set the stage. Last night on Hannity & Colmes, Ted Rall, and Colmes, a rare liberal with some class stood up to Rall. He said, “I have problems with my fellow liberals who can’t get over the election of 2000. They should be focusing on winning 2004, but you, by doing this you make those on my side look bad by showing no grace, no compassion, no sense of humanity for a man who served this country, whether or not you agree with the things he stood for.”

Yep. Alan Colmes, Sean Hannity’s pet faux liberal–whom I have NEVER seen espouse a genuine, strident liberal position–is a “rare liberal with some class.” If that’s class, call me déclassé.

RALL: Well, I have more sympathy for the 290 million Americans who are living worse lives under a worse economy, being paid less with worse health care, with more homelessness, with more poverty than there would have been had Ronald Reagan never become president. So for me, you’re right, I don’t have that much sympathy for him.

RUSH: Folks, seriously, what am I supposed to do with this? This is so asinine that it is beneath all of our dignity to even set it straight. But I know some of you want, okay, homelessness, health care, wages, economy, 290 million Americans living worse today because of Reagan. What is sad about this is that such an imbecile and such an ignoramus ends up as a prominent cartoonist in major newspapers. This guy could not pass a basic civics test. This guy could not pass a recent American history test. This guy could not get a college diploma today. He couldn’t get a high school diploma with what his view of history is.

Columbia University, Rush. Class of 1991. Major: history. With honors. Sorry, try again. Thanks for playing.

Do we need to go back and retrace what this country was like during the seventies, particularly the last four years of the seventies under Jimmy Carter? Do we need to go back and trace the misery index? Do we need to go back and trace the double-digit inflation, the double-digit unemployment, the double-digit interest rates?

I hate to steal from the estimable Al Franken here, but here are more Limbaughian lies. Under Jimmy Carter, suffering from a post-Vietnam War deficit hangover, unemployment was less than it was under Ronald Reagan. And wages increased faster than inflation. The average American did much better under Carter–and a hell of a lot better under Clinton–than Reagan, who presided over a stunning increase in the gap between rich and poor.

Do we need to go back and trace all that? Do we need to look at what the economy is doing today, what it did during the nineties, all since the Reagan revolution of the eighties? To say that this economy and the people of this country are in worse shape today than they were in the seventies or any time period is simply — I don’t have the word. It’s not the breathtaking, it’s not stupid, it’s not idiotic, it’s just… you simply have a bomb thrower here who is purposely trying to —

Set things straight? Like when Sean Hannity asserted on his radio show that we bombed Libya to get even for the Lockerbie bombing of Pan Am Flight 103–years before it happened?


RUSH: Look, folks, if we’re going to do this, we’ve got to keep something in mind here. We need to be real careful that we do not slip into judging our hero, Ronald Reagan, based on the liberal agenda. We’re going to judge Reagan based on our values and our principles which we share with the vast majority of the American people.

This is one of the things that just instinctively I said, “Don’t give these people any credit because I don’t want to appear defensive.” I don’t want to appear reactionary. I don’t want to sit here and have to spend any time defending this man. He doesn’t need to be defended. These are the people that need to somehow be able to defend themselves. These wackos with these charges, it is silly to take Ted Rall seriously, it’s silly to give him any serious amount of time at all, in my book. It’s not worth it. It’s not even substantive. If you’re going to talk about AIDS, what did Bill Clinton do about AIDS when he was in office? He did next to nothing. All he did was have an AIDS czar, and the AIDS czars were unhappy, and he went to a couple of human rights meetings with Anne Heche and what’s her face, Ellen DeGeneres, and they thought, “He loves us.” He didn’t do anything about AIDS.

You know who’s done the most about AIDS of American presidents? I’ll give you one name: George W. Bush. George W. Bush has spent more money, offered more money, suggested more money and more seriousness about AIDS than any American president. And who do they hate? They hate George W. Bush.

Um, it’s been well documented that Bush moved the AIDS money for Africa from other AIDS initiatives. Net increase: zero. That’s why we hate Bush: because he’s a liar. All politicians are, but Bush takes the cake.

This is not about money; it’s not about fixing the problem. It’s they want a president who’s going to mouth their agenda. I’m talking about the whole left. If they don’t get a president that mouths their agenda, they’re going to hate the guy. This is all a result of their having had power, unchallenged, for over 40 or 50 years and they don’t anymore. This is all positive signs.

Actually, that’s untrue. We didn’t hate Bush’s father. He was misguided, clueless, did some evil stuff, but no more than, say, Clinton. And you have to love the fact that Bush 41 was willing to publicly lambaste (via a surrogate) Bush 43’s misguided war against Iraq. Nah, dad’s OK. Relatively.

To see people crack up like this, to see people implode like this, to see people make abject fools of themselves like this, I do not want to sit here and have to defend Ronald Reagan or define Ronald Reagan in terms that the left sets forth as their agenda. Because he didn’t do that. He didn’t care what they thought. He didn’t bother reacting to them, he did what was in his heart and what was in his mind and what he knew was right, and he let them cry over spilt milk and they’re still crying over it.

What the right calls implosion, other people call telling it like it is. And millions of Americans who remember the Reagan years don’t seem to have any trouble with it.

Media Appearances for Thursday, June 10

I’ll be on “Unfiltered” with Chuck D on Air America tomorrow morning, from around 11:20 am to 11:50 am East Coast time to discuss my new book “Wake Up, You’re Liberal.” Check local listings to see whether there’s an Air America affiliate near you, or you can livestream it through their website.

Also, I’ll be on Alan Colmes’ radio show tomorrow night, talking about Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan Fallout

Before I went on Fox News’ “Hannity and Colmes” tonight to discuss my rather picayune blog entry from earlier this week–the one where I noted the fact that, if you buy into the Christian concept of Heaven and Hell, Ronald Reagan is probably turning crispy brown by now–Sean Hannity turned to me and asked me whether I “do this for the publicity.”

I’ve gotten asked that a few times this week, which I find amusing if for no other reason than the fact that publicity doesn’t really get you very much except, in my case, a free taxi to midtown Manhattan and some pancake makeup smeared across my delicate pores. They don’t pay you to appear, you get insulted and abused and you end up with several hundred angry emails from right-wing psychopaths whose aim is hopefully on par with their grammar. Yeah, it’s a great life if you don’t weaken and all that.

Truth is, when I was starting out as a cartoonist I quickly discovered that I had no way of predicting reactions to my work. Certain cartoons are widely reprinted; others ignored. Some cause offense, most not. Same thing with books–I had no idea that “2024” would do badly because so few people remembered the source material I parodied, “1984.” I thought “To Afghanistan and Back” would do poorly; wrong again.

Had I suspected that my blog entry about Reagan would draw national media attention through a link on the Drudge Report, I would spent more time on it, crafting it carefully. As my best friend says, blogs are like a column but without the responsibility. They’re dashed off miscellany, random thoughts you log as you think of them. So no, Mr. Hannity, I had no idea that I would be one of a few public figures with the temerity to note that Ronald Reagan was a shitty president who caused a lot of misery and hurt this country that I adore. Frankly, it never occured to me that so many of my fellow liberals would be so lame, so cowardly, as to ignore his true legacy. But there you are,

So why do I do it? Why do I go on Fox and let assholes like Hannity yell at me?

The answer is simple: because someone has to. To be liberal in America nowadays is to feel desperately alone, alienated even from a Democratic Party that’s totally unwilling to fight for its own principles. Believing in true (liberal) American values nowadays is like working at a job where you’re represented by a corrupt union: you’d probably be better off without a union at all. Ditto for the so-called liberal media; the delusion that we’re represented prevents us from getting organized.

I go on those stupid shows to let other liberals know that they are not alone, that millions of others feel exactly the same way that they do about the direction that this country is going. It’s a thankless task to be sure, one I’ll happily give up when other, more prominent, more articulate liberals step up to the plate. Frankly, the only thing I really want to do is stay home and draw cartoons and write columns.

By the way, my Hate Mail postings have become so popular that I can’t resist sharing my latest batch, most of these as a result of my appearance on Hannity and Colmes. Enemies like these–violent, illogical, pedantic, ignorant, uneducated–help keep self-doubt at bay. These, my friends, are the voices of Republican voters. These are supporters of George W. Bush. They support the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. They have no problem with prisoner abuse in Iraq. They represent the dark, racist underbelly of America. We must never forget that they are out there, and we must never, ever stop working to make sure their kind gets to impose its will on those of us who think.

Here goes…a journey into the mind of a Fox viewer:

From USPropMgnt@aol.com:

I live in NYC!!! God I hope to see you sometime. I promise I’ll introduce myself. I know your a dumbass, so any chance you can provide your adress? Thanks! HOPE TO SEE YOU REAL SOON

It’s “you’re.” Dumbass. Of course, maybe this person went to a school suffering from Reagan’s budget cuts.

From jeanijon@netscape.net:

You are truly the ugliest thing I have ever seen on TV.

Now that’s saying something.

From craigusnret@yahoo.com:

Teddie, for once for proving how irrational you truly are on the Hannity show tonight, thus furthering the cause of the Right and showing the true colors of the Left. Wow, what a performance! By the way, Teddie, it doesn’t take a cartoonist to figure out that AIDS was spread by unprotected anal sex amongst homosexuals back then (and still is), not by the President. Now Teddie, you wouldn’t be familiar with that practice, would you?

In any case, Teddie, keep up the good work, and God bless the soul of President Reagan!

Yes, let’s pick on the fags. Reagan let 500,000 of them die without a passing thought, but evidently they haven’t suffered enough.

A thinly-veiled threat from rdlynch@alaska.net:

Should you ever need a lifeline, I will just watch. I hope it is soon.

Ralph Lynch

Anchorage, Alaska

A lovely missive from laprentke@yahoo.com:


You miserable shred of human debris.

I will pray every Sunday that you find aids in one of your lovers’ asses, turn “brown & crispy”, then die without taxpayer concern!

Lawrence A. Prentke

Lake Almanor, Ca.

From douglasice@yahoo.com:

You are a cocksucker,Go back to the USSR, that failed like you.When you are a fag, you need to pull your head out of your ass.Do every one some good and move down to Cuba.

Thank you.Jerkweed Burn In Hell!!!!


West Virginia


From junky54@bellsouth.net:

I just saw your interview on Hannity and Colmes and really hope you are “turning a crispy brown” soon. You do not deserve to breath the same air that I do. I hope you die and rot in hell.

From carpenterathome@hotmail.com:

I just scanned thru the last two months of your articles and cartoons. It’s pure trash. I hope you see the light when iraq ends up a victory for bush and the free world. You would love to see the war fail. The more dead US servicemen the better. Your lucky you can write this crap and earn a living.

If you were in Iraq before saddam was overthrown, you most likely would be a statistic.


Can you believe it? They actually think we can win in Iraq…That’s what you get when you rely on Fox for your news.

From warphead@hotmail.com:

President Reagan was a great man. You are but garbage stuck between the treads of my boots.

When it is your time to leave this world how will you be remembered? Not sure? I can tell you.

YOU WONT. You live your life as a piece of garbage, you are remembered as garbage. If your vile disgusting comments at a time when the nation mourns moves me to speak. Then I can only imagine the millions of e-mails you must be receiving. All of which reflect the same feeling toward you as I do. There are only a few things I can do to silence the poison in which your sick vile body spews. These are to educate myself as to how you finance and spread your sickness.Then to make certain I never unknowingly spend a cent

to further your sickness. To vote and by voting oppose all those who are afflicted with your illness. To speak out against all the vile sick digusting things in which you stand for. To bring your ideals to light and make sure your name is associated with each and every vile statement and act that you make. To educate and educate all those who will listen. Lastly I will become active in as many causes that are just, legal and moral to oppose everything in which you stand. I am an American. I am one of the millions and millions of average Americans who do not believe in your sickness. I am part of the majority and I am joining the fight to regain my country from the politically correct liberal communists that you are a part of.

Very Very Sincerely,

Kevin Egan

Lebanon, TN.

I just want to point out that “warphead” is an appropriate username for someone (there are a lot of these guys) who believes that every Democrat is a Communist.

From sjellis@ecentral.com:

I just saw you on Fox and felt the urge to tell you what an ASS you are. I suppose your behavior is directly due to your being a four-eyed geek, since, according to you, hair, complexion, and ones overall genetics make a person what he is. I pray to God that you don’t have children, if that be the case!

I can’t believe how completely classless you are, to write (poorly, I might add–good thing you’re just a cartoonist and not a real writer) as you did about a man who gave his all for the country he loved and has just passed away, leaving a family that is already in pain.

You say you believe that Presiden Reagan has gone to hell, which means you believe in heaven and hell. That being the case, and it also being the case that heaven and hell only exist to those who believe in JudeoChristian beliefs, then you should know that as Reagan was a believer, he is most definitely in heaven. The works we do here on earth have nothing to do with where we end up, which should give even a nasty and ignorant ASS such as yourself hope for an eternity in heaven rather than hell. Somehow, I don’t think you will ever be a believer–you are just to hateful and your heart too hard to ever learn the Truth.

Just as you obviously don’t know the truth as to why healthcare costs are so high. Let me see–let’s start with the addition of health insurance to the picture. That occurred on Democrat Roosevelt’s watch and was pushed by the unions. Being in the health care field, I know darn well where that money is going–to the insurance companies. It sure ain’t making it to the hospitals, clinics, etc. who have to fight for every penny (literally). Next comes Medicare. Now, wasn’t that the big campaign issue for Democrat Kennedy? Being enacted under Democrat Johnson? And lastly, there’s managed healthcare, a failure of a concept from the mind of Presidend Hilary Clinton.

Stick to your cartoons, Ted. You wouldn’t have made it through my high school composition class the way you write, much less a graduate level technical writing class.

Happy you’re a Democrat because we sure wouldn’t want somebody like you–you’re actually an asset to the Republican party!

A non-fan (to say the least)

I loved this one.

From wlcook@bellsouth.net:

You are an insult to the public on both Television & your writings. How you can say such terrible things about a great man is hard for a human to understand! I am sure that Ragan will go to Heaven and I am also sure where you will go when you die!

I will be sure to cancel any newspaper or publication that prints your writings.

W. L. Cook, Jr.

All these years, and people still can’t spell Reagan. So many hate mails come in praising “Regan” it’s scary. For God’s sake, how stupid can you be?

From flagators56@hotmail.com:


you’re the greatest asshole i’ve ever heard. i would love to kick your ass, but i’m sure you are such a pussy that you would never show up for a fair fight. i just heard you denegratating the greatest President of the 20th century, i never thought i would see a weasle in real life. teddy boy, you have real issues and i will not help you resolve them. you are filled with such hate and anger that they will consume you and cause you more anguish than i ever could. i look forward to the day when i hear or read that you have blown your two cell brain out.

teddy, you have areal nice warped day.

bill bass

augusta, ga

From ONE900LAWBABE@msn.com:


I just saw your interview on Hannity & Colmes. You are a poor excuse for a human being! What a bitter, hateful man you must be to say such rotten things about President Reagan, ESPECIALLY at this time! Even ALan COlmes, who is pretty liberal, was obviously embarrassed and disgusted by you.

Just for the record, President Reagan did not kill 500,000 gays–they killed themselves by having promiscuous sex without protection and leading a perverted lifestyle. Why is it that people can’t take responsibility for their OWN actions, and have to blame their troubles on other people?

YOu said that you felt that President Reagan deserved to burn in hell, but what about you? It is OBVIOUS that you are a hateful, bitter gay man without any soul. If we all talked like you, I would say I hope you DO get aids, but that would be really hateful, cruel and wrong, wouldn’t it? It is different when the shoe is on the other foot.

You’ll be surprised when you do die, because there IS a GOD, but YOU are never going to see him. If anyone will be burning in hell, it will be YOU.

You disgust me and all DECENT people everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From SilkyErin@aol.com:

I watched your ranting on Hannity and Colms —– where you berated the greatest president of the 20th century. You are such a totally insensitive and disgusting idiot! I cannot even force myself to call you a human being. It is YOU who will FRY IN HELL ….. and no one deserved that more! You don’t deserve to be counted as one of our species.

What kind of upbringing did you have? You’re the epitome of a HATEMONGER!! I hope you get a case of Alzheimer’s like none other on earth. Let’s see how you feel crapping in your diapers, Ted! Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!!

Just to let you know, I spent 8 hours last night driving to the Reagan Library, standing in line for the bus which took us up to pay our respects to this great man and I shed some tears.

No, I was born in 1978 …. and I was a child when Reagan was president, but I read about him and his great work. He is the one who established a Department of Education. He turned this country around for the better. After inherited a total economic mess from that asshole, Jimmy Carter (a man who never met a dictator he didn’t like and to whom we owe the islamic mess we’re in ..) …. Reagan turned this country around. He changed history! He put an end to the Cold War …. and for that he will be revered forever.

Erin Cummings

Santa Monica, California

Actually Ronald Reagan did not create the Department of Education. He actually attempted to eliminate it entirely upon taking office. And though Carter had many faults as President, he wasn’t renowned for coddling dictators–with the exception of the Shah of Iran.

From CWHARTX@aol.com:

You’ve really increased your exposure with your recent intemperant rants.

Ronald Reagan is one of the most beloved American leaders of the last 50 years. He won 2 elections by landslides and improved the lives of innumerable working class Americans.

Ask Margaret Thatcher who won the cold war, and she will tell you.

Yeah, like Maggie Thatcher is someone I’d ask for advice. Which reminds me…how old is that nasty old crone?

This one from PatriciaWings30@aol.com is pretty damned awesome:

You are one disgusting piece of trash. Your remarks about former President Reagan is totally outrageous. I’ve listened to you remarks and think hell is waiting for you. You talk about Reagan being in hell, your full of crap. I have heard many undecided voters say that after listening to your trash and other evil Democrats that they want no part of that party. The hate that you and most of the party is spreading is horrible. I agree with freedom of speech, but hate spreading isn’t what our forefathers meant. It’s to bad that instead of Berg it wasn’t you that Zarqawi got a hold of. But the sad thing is that it’s the innocence that get hurt and the evil ones go on spreading hate. Hell is to good for you, God should come up with a more server punishment. You have no heart, soul, or feelings. I feel really sorry for you mom. You must bring tears and pain to her heart daily. You give trueness to the word bad seed. You are truly the seed of Satan. I just don’t see how God can let evilness such as you walk the face of the earth. There is one thing that the people that your hatefulness has hurt can know is that you’ll face a higher power. You’ll face God and he will bring judgment on you digesting mouth. You’ll feel each ounce of pain that you’ve caused others. It’s coward like you that run your mouth and then hide. Go to Iraq and face our brave troops. Go to the family members of brave troops that have given their life and say the horrible things to them. Our a coward, you want do that. You hide behind a pencil, paper, and a web sight. You use you hate spreading to make money. Your just the most disgusting, sickening, and horrible person on the face of the earth. I hear those talk about the antichrist. Well, they can look at you and see the face of that beast.

From manda0131@msn.com:

Fuck you dick weed. I hope the maggots won’t even eat your dead carcass.

This is a confusing insult. Is it more desirable to become maggot dinner than not?

From bgee181@comcast.net:


From rhagen3@wi.rr.com:

The perfect murder

Just shoot Ted Rall.

Who would ever want to convict?

From trigeek@mindspring.com:

Ted, I will go to bed tonight praying that you die soon…………………very slowly…………….and very, very painfully. That will give me great glee.

Peter Coblentz

Tucker, GA

From jkucinski@adelphia.net:

I saw you on Hannity and Colmes tonight.

Both Hannity and Colmes were completely right about you.

Check the mirror and you’ll see a wessal-like, weak, weak little asshole of a man and maybe even a faggot.

Joe Kucinski

Colorado Springs

Sexuality is a recurring theme in Republican hate mail.

From armyret@hotmail.com:

I watched with interest, your comments on the Hannity and Colmes Show, and your charges towards President Reagan, and America’s hero, Sergeant Tillman. I could tell by the way you talk, you’ve consumed much sperm, and are addicted to homosexuality. Mr. Hannity was correct in saying you are an evil, soulless, hateful, mean person. I fully agree. You have no God, and it is you who will turn to a crisp in Hell.

Anthony Retel

U.S. Army Retired

Another threat from texman4268@yahoo.com:

You have got to be the most weasely looking little

cynical bastard on the planet. Too bad Sean Hannity

couldn’t give the location of the studio door you’d be

leaving from so there could be some “mislead

Americans” to give you a proper greeting.

A lynch mob wouldn’t be a bad thing to bring back in

your case.

One of these days, you will finally strike the wrong

nerve and someone is going to kick your ass good.

Best wishes loser!!!

From sbrandt@starband.net:

I saw you on Fox News and i think you are a DICK HEAD

you Communist Ass Hole

.you are NOT funny you Dickless Idiot and your cartoons are NOT funny either

I think you would be happier if you would move to France and take the UN with you


From warology@cox.net:

You deserve a big punch in the nose. And if I ever run in to you on the street, that is exactly what you will get.

From abfbrinlee@att.net:


I saw you on fox news. If I had a chance to meet you in person i would go to jail for assalt and battery and it would be worth it. I would beat the living shit out of you for your remarks on Reagan. You better hope we never meet in person. You deserve a good old fasion ass kicking. I can not believe your evil intent. You must have made a deal with the devil and I hope you do burn in hell. I know you will. Our President Reagan is in Heaven and I am sure is weaping for you. Thats the difference in you and him. Your a hater and he was a lover. I will have to ask God to forgive me for this note and I will. I hope that one day you will humble yourself to God also.



“Reagan was a lover”?!?!

From info@apsprecision.com:

Fuck you! you cocksucker!… You piss ant twerp… I would shove those gay glasses up your ass… You Cocksucker FUCK YOU

From lwillens@msn.com:

Dear Comrade Rall:

Mother Fucking low life communist faggot pig. You are as much of a virus as the aids virus. The problem with this country is you and the faggotry you practice.

Len and Dana Willens

From tmeans4121@adelphia.net:




Except for the war, of course. And the bombing campaign.

From TuAl@msn.com:

You are so ugly and mean spirited I hope someone puts a bullet in the back of your head.

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Bush v. Reagan

I’ve written this week’s column, which will go up later today, concerning the similarities between Gov. Dubya and Ronald Reagan. But there’s also a major difference.

When George W. Bush dies someday, please bear in mind that, unlike Ronald Reagan–a duly-elected president–Bush will not be entitled to a state funeral or placing flags at half staff. As an illegal usurper who seized power extraconstitutionally, Bush should be buried at sea, in a simple shroud, and returned to the sharks that spawned him. Reagan, for all of his faults, should at least be acknowledged as a former president.

More Hate Mail Follies

The Drudge Report has linked to my blog (see below), and the right-wing psychos are back at it again! Here, for your entertainment, are some of the lowlifes who inexplicably enjoy the right to vote:

From damnuebay@yahoo.com:

Former President Reagan has done more for this country than you ever will, or could dream of doing, you are pathetic speaking about people that can no longer defend themselves. I hope we don’t have to wait very long till you join the dead.

From rjohns9797@sbcglobal.net, who sent me more than 30 threatening emails during the Tillman thing:

Re: Ronald Maximus Reagan would have laughed

In the presence of greatness your tiny little prick, just shriveled up, didn’t it?

By the way, did you ever get that body guard?

Do you stay off subway platforms and away from dark streets?

You should, you know…

He also sent this:






From SrChief5473@aol.com:

I have finally identified you. You are a miserable little piece of shit

lying on the sidewalk.’

Fathered by a pig and mothered by a dog.

From JJMc@pge.com:


Dig the username: RomanticArtwork@aol.com:





From Bmorganrey@cs.com:

If Ronald Reagan is in hell, I am sure he will save you a seat. Move to

France you piece of scum. If it weren’t for people like Ronald Reagan you wouldn’t

be able to write your garbage.

God Bless President Reagan, America, and most of all you ,

Brent Reynolds

From Rabel873@aol.com:

I hope you die in prison you SOB!

From ehagemeyer@sbcglobal.net:

Hey Ted,

I’m just writing to say what a sniveling little bitch you are. Why

don’t you go join the Iraqi resistance? It sure would be wonderful if

the next thing I read about you said, “Ted Rall Killed by American

Troops in Iraq.” That might hurry along your own trip to Hell… where

I’m pretty sure they reserve the best spots for pathetic whiners who

can’t get their cartoons published.

Fuck you!

Evan Hagemeyer

From justin@redrightandblue.com (this kind of personal threat is commonplace among Republican emailers):

Im going to post your fucking address everywhere I can.

Enjoy you sorry bastard.

Justin Warlick


From Kspearmank@aol.com:

Ronald Reagan was a great leader. You are a socialist bastard.

From Tony.Reeves@sourceonehealth.com:

You better hope that for your sake there is no GOD, because as sure as I

am typing this your sick ass is going to burn in hell for eternity and

according to Webster’s that is a mighty long time. I am sure your

children are proud of “daddy”.

How Sad…

…that Ronald Reagan didn’t die in prison, where he belonged for starting an illegal, laughably unjustifiable war against Grenada under false pretenses (the “besieged” medical students later said they were nothing of the sort) and funneling arms to hostages during Iran-Contra.

Oh, and 9/11? That was his. Osama bin Laden and his fellow Afghan “freedom fighters” got their funding, and nasty weapons, from Reagan.

A real piece of work, Reagan ruined the federal budget, trashed education, alienated our friends and allies and made us a laughing stock around the world.

Hmmmm…sounds familiar.

Anyway, I’m sure he’s turning crispy brown right about now.