Not Counted As Unemployed

The government claims that unemployment is dropping, but that’s only because long-term unemployed Americans no longer count.

In Case of Emergency

During the election, Obama was compared to the Eastern Island statues and Spock. Now I’m wondering if he’s even in the form of sentient. Whether it’s the spill in the Gulf or the economy, what a useless president.

Rubble Sweet Rubble

While they’re off destroying the homes of Afghans and Iraqis, U.S. soldiers are losing their own homes to foreclosure.


The stand-off continues, as employers refuse to employ, wondering why consumers refuse to consume.

Dr. Obama

Obama repeatedly argues that the economy would be even worse if not for his banker bailout. If the unemployment were calculated the same way it was in 1934, the rate would be the same. How does Obama dare argue that–even if it’s true (which is doubtful)?

Obama Saves Seven Jobs

Incredibly, Obama claims jobs that haven’t been lost yet as jobs that have been created, or “saved,” by his stimulus non-plan.

Putting America to Work

This cartoon was inspired by seeing one of these signs in San Francisco–at the site of a standard roadside maintenance/pothole patching project.