Coup Coup Kachoo

President Donald Trump appears to be plotting a coup d’état to keep himself in office despite having lost the election. What exactly will that mean?

What’s the Motivation, Kenneth?

President Trump, presumably outgoing President Trump, is refusing to concede. His opponents are arguing about his motivations. Is it his ego? Or his fear of going to prison? Either way, the end result could be terrifying.

What, Exactly, Isn’t an American Value?

After refusing to concede, shaking up the Pentagon, firing key staffers at NSA and Homeland security, it looks like Donald Trump is setting up a possible coup d’état. That couldn’t happen here? Why? Because it’s against American values?

The Impeachment of Trump is a Coup d’Etat by DNC Centrists Again

Democrats would like to think that they are all united around the goal of impeaching Donald Trump. But when you scratch the surface what you find is that the impeachment of Donald Trump is less about getting rid of a sitting president and more about regaining control of the Democratic Party from the insurgent progressives who have taken it over since Bernie Sanders.

81 Wrongs

The United States tried to overthrow or directly interfere in the elections of at least 80 countries throughout the Cold War alone. How exactly is it in a position to complain if it turns out to be true that Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election?