The Impeachment of Trump is a Coup d’Etat by DNC Centrists Again

Democrats would like to think that they are all united around the goal of impeaching Donald Trump. But when you scratch the surface what you find is that the impeachment of Donald Trump is less about getting rid of a sitting president and more about regaining control of the Democratic Party from the insurgent progressives who have taken it over since Bernie Sanders.

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  • Hey Buddy,

    Apparently Elizabeth Warren never got your memo telling her to oppose impeachment …

    Apparently Warren supports a coup against Warren. Wheels with wheels man!

    Bernie Sanders has supported impeachment for months also …

    It took me all of about 20 seconds to find these links. You are neither stupid nor ignorant, so I have to assume that you were well aware of this information when you published this cartoon.

    Yeah, I know, you’ve made it clear over the years that you’d prefer Trump (or any other right-wing Republican) to any Democrat who you deem to be insufficiently progressive. You have every right to your point of view. MAGA!

    All the best,

    Tony Gerace

  • If I wanted to read wackadoodle Deep State conspiracy theories I’d hit InfoWars or Breitbart.

    I became a Rall fanboy during the Bush admin, back when Ted actually cared about the bad guy in the White House. Imagine if he’d spent the entire time insisting there really were WMD’s in Iraq and rumors to the contrary were simply a ginormous hoax perpetrated by the DNC because they were very sad Gore lost.

    Maybe we should all chip in and buy Ted a MAGA hat, ‘cuz the progressive Rall left a building a long time ago.

    • Keep on spinning, Right Wing DNC mouthpiece.

    • Right wing? Look in the mirror behind your barre, little ballarina. You & Ted are the ones acting as right wing apologists.

      I know this is difficult concept for you, but there are other colors in the world besides black and white. It is entirely possible to oppose BOTH of the big parties; you don’t need to turn a blind eye to one side’s transgressions in order to fight the other.

      True progressives fight both. Anything else merely supports the status quo.

      • I object to both parties.

        You’re the one who keeps saying that everyone should get over the DNC’s previous screw ups like subverting the Sanders campaign.

        You are such a coddling liberal, CH.

        Liberals always blame the LEFT OUT for their own failures.

      • > You’re the one who keeps saying that everyone should get over the DNC’s previous screw ups like subverting the Sanders campaign.

        Wait, wot?

        I’ve never said that. I’ve never said anything remotely resembling that. I’ve never even said anything which could be possibly misinterpreted to mean that, even by a dizzy, ditzy little ballerina and I challenge you to post a link to anywhere I did say that.

        Once again: I’m perfectly willing to defend anything I have said, but I have no obligation to defend the nonsense you pull out of your ass.

        Just out of curiosity, does Trump’s dick taste like Cheetos? Or is it more like a Creamsicle?

      • To CH:

        How, exactly, is revealing your intention of voting for Biden “fighting” the Dems side?

  • alex_the_tired
    October 9, 2019 10:01 AM

    Well, let’s run with that. IF this is a coup, then cui bono?
    Right now, it’s a three-way split between Warren, Biden, and Sanders. All the others–Buttigieg, Harris, Yang, etc.–are in the low single digits, and they’re going to stay there.
    Biden’s losing his marbles, Warren’s gaining more and more baggage, and Sanders had a heart attack so severe that he required an entire three days to recover.
    My bet? The next debate will show Biden slip further–a lot further. Warren will hold her own. And Sanders will show that the heart attack was trivial. He’ll use it to point out why healthcare needs to be available to everyone. (And, I have to be realistically ghoulish, he’s gonna get sympathy points for his daughter-in-law’s sudden death.)
    But even if I’m wrong. Even if Warren murders Sanders and then shoots herself in the head, leaving Joe Biden on stage to recite the entire works of Shakespeare while riding a unicycle, it won’t help the democrats.
    I think Hillary War Criminal and Donald J. Trump broke the system in 2016.
    Something like 40% of the voting public didn’t vote in 2016. The candidates are simply not worthy anymore. Trump isn’t going to be forced out by Pelosi’s mad gamble. And running Warren or Biden isn’t going to do it either.
    And who, exactly, will the dems run in 2024 if they lose in 2020? Trump and his pals will have front-loaded the Supreme Court (at least two more appointments) for decades. All the necessary administrative details will have been doctored to favor Republicans. The democrats will become a vestigial party as the social safety net is finally completely removed, social security is privatized, and healthcare is eliminated as an employee-benefit. (You want healthcare? Pay for it yourself. Elizabeth Warren’s daughter’s company can quote you a price, as long as you have no pre-existing conditions.)

  • Trump was elected because of Democrat betrayals of the LEFT OUT.

    Some Crazies think that more of that poison will be the cure.

    Well, that lie is the truth of the DNC mob.

    It may be a lie, but that is all the truth the DNC mob has to coalesce around.

  • If the DNC wanted the LEFT OUT to vote, they would have given us candidates.

  • What’s all this talk about «impeachment» Ted ? Impeachment would be meaningful if – and only if – it were a link in a chain that could lead to removal from office, but given that the latter requires a 2/3 majority in the US Senate, it seems to be more a link in firing up the bases in the Republican and Democratic parties. Panem et circenses, with emphasis on the latter….


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