So Trump Really Is a Great Businessman

The New York Times has obtained years of Donald Trump’s tax returns. As suspected, the president has avoided paying taxes to a dramatic extent, declared many millions of dollars in losses and appears to have created a fortune based on BS. In other words, he is a great businessman.

Sorry but It Really Is Too Late to Save the World

Even if humanity slams on the brakes, stopped emitting carbon dioxide and goes back to horses and buggies, global warming will continue for at least a few more decades. So although Donald Trump and his rolling back of air pollution emissions standards are annoying, it’s probably too late anyway.

The Boom-Bust Cycle of Capitalism

With salaries representing the biggest expense for employers, it’s not paranoid to suggest that, as soon as workers begin to gain advantage in a tight labor market, bosses are ready to tank the economy to keep workers’ wages in check.