Jeffrey Epstein Shows That Conspiracies Just Aren’t What They Used To Be

Whether you believe them in or not, government conspiracy theories involving fiendishly diabolical plots by brilliant evildoers just aren’t what they used to be. Consider, for example, the convenient death of Jeffrey Epstein. It was almost like they weren’t even trying.

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  • When the process is moving in the desired direction of all the empowered concerned, why get in the way?

    The greatest purveyors of state violence, the Democratic and Republican Parties acting in the name of the Constitution of the USA, saw no downside to the personal extinction of Jeffrey Epstein, so why intercede upon the inevitable?

    The Republican and Democratic Parties regularly violate the Constitution and with the Supreme Court being both political appointees of the parties and lacking an enforcement branch, thus staying silent, nary a complaint is heard.

    What matters to the empowered the concerns of the disempowered?

    One might object by saying this is a democracy and the people rule.

    But this is a market-ocracy and the market rules.

    And the extra-Constitutional parties rule and regulate the market.

    And the parties are ruled by the Capitalists and their Capitalist sciences of profit.

    And not all conspiracies are fictions.

    And conspiracies are actual things in law.

    So there will be no lack of conspiracies for those who need a daily diet of them.

  • alex_the_tired
    August 19, 2019 10:26 AM

    Conspiracy theorists in general possess two qualities: First, they are very poor at inference, deduction, and logic. Second, they have remarkable amounts of energy.
    Remember all those sci-fi shows where a shape-shifting alien duplicates one of the characters? And what do the other characters always say? “We don’t know which is which.”
    They never say, “Capt. Kirk. When we were in the turbolift a few months back and you let one rip–yes, it was you, really it was like an Andorian Assbeast climbed up your colon and died there so don’t deny it–what was the name of the crewmember who threw up just as the turbolift got to engineering?” The conspiracy theorists never go to that level of fine-grain inspection. They’ll go frame-by-frame through a home movie but they will not accept skepticism.
    Bigfoot–leaves no scat, no fur, has never been struck by a tracker trailer, never photographed clearly. The conspiracy theorists will not accept that Bigfoot just doesn’t exist.
    JFK assassination–Look at how many war-crime level things the CIA has done that have gotten out. But, somehow, the people who planned JFK’s assassination (and how many would that have to be) have all been kept quiet?
    UFOs–Still no one has a good clear iPhone shot of the Greys? No soybean farmer in Iowa has come forward with a complex mathematical proof that there is no goddamned way possible for him to have come up with it except that it was handed to him by aliens with higher capacities in math?
    The reality of Epstein’s suicide?
    1. Too many people at the lowest level would have to be involved for a cover up to work. And all of them have seen the movies where the underlings get silenced. Inept employees at a prison (I’m sure there’s a high level of skills required to work there) fell asleep and a prisoner who wasn’t on suicide watch killed himself. Because it’s Epstein, everyone’s up in arms. How about 1/100th of the outrage for all the prisoners living in the conditions that they do?
    2. Epstein’s suicide is actually detrimental to those in power who might also be pedophiles. (And if the general population has a 5% pedo rate–that’s the best estimate–it would have to be even higher among the powerful; when you have access to everything, the Id turns to the forbidden.) Epstein had legal status for fighting to suppress release of certain crucial documents. With him dead, that roadblock is gone. If Bill Clinton or Donald Trump or the Dalai Lama or Mrs. Butterworth likes ’em young, we could find out very shortly. And once a few leaders are uncovered, the search won’t stop there. It could make Watergate look like a kid filching a candybar on a dare.
    3. If someone in power killed Epstein, how did they know he didn’t have a dead-letter file? If you were a pedophile procuring for the superpowerful and allegedly blackmailing them, you would, by definition (if not by commonsense) have notebooks of 8×10 glossies, videotapes, transcripts, names, dates, soiled blue dresses, etc. You’d have enough evidence to convict the most powerful person on earth. And you’d let everyone know, the second you turn into a corpse, it all comes out. No one would risk touching you. Period.

    You want a conspiracy? Shit. Look what got done to Ted Rall. It is LITERALLY a conspiracy. I keep waiting to find out poor old Ted “accidentally” backed his own car over himself, twice. You want a conspiracy? Look at what the dnc did to Bernie Sanders in 2016. The evidence is LITERALLY right there in the open. All you have to do is confirm some reporting. The superdelegates flipped who won the state nominations in several states. The dnc gave war criminal Hillary Clinton, who sits in the same pool of victim-blood as Henry Kissinger her mentor, the debate questions ahead of time. The Clinton Foundation was a pay-to-play money sink–ask George Stephanopolous about it; he “donated” to it because you had to in order to get access–and the Clintons should be in prison for influence peddling. These are all real, legitimate conspiracies: people schemed actively to make these things happen, and innocent people suffered as a result.

  • Gosh, Ted, does that mean you’re finally giving up on your theory about Hillary orchestrating a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy from her secret lair under a pizza parlor? She’s not a Reptilian after all? The Russians really did try to muck with our elections?

    ’bout time.

  • “Consider, for example, the convenient death of Jeffrey Epstein. ”
    Sounds like you believed the Govt and MSM when they said Epstein was dead.
    Even with out proof or evidence. Who wouldn’t have taken a picture of him Dead?
    How many stories about his hanging or not hanging in their prison . . . hey, they don’t even know how he died. How much power would a kidnapper have by forcing him to divulge all of h is information . . . torture would work if he resisted or let him see but not touch young girls.
    He would be worth a lot more alive then dead as those who own him now own all of his recordings and bribery stuff. I could go on but what I see is that all of the reasons given for people wanting him dead turns into reasons for wanting him alive if he had a death switch which would make all of his info public if he died.

  • “I am a ‘conspiracy theorist’. I believe men and women of wealth and power conspire. If you don’t think so, then you are what is called ‘an idiot’. If you believe stuff but fear the label, you are what is called ‘a coward’.” David B Collum, as quoteded in a Consortium News article that can be found at the follwing link:

    • What is apparent is that what is true can be diminished in the eyes of a trusting public as a conspiracy, and what is false in the eyes of a trusting public can be enhanced by calling its doubters conspiracy theorists.

      This “name calling” is the essence of “debate”, a word originally meaning “to beat down”. Crowds cheer the cut even if it misses the possibility of being true.

      I am able to create many hypotheticals without believing any of them in order to see how many tentative “facts” can fit into each without being in contradiction with each other.

      I tend to avoid discussions with true believers because their political theology is resistant to consideration and doubt. That’s why my position is atheist (doubter) to conceptual objects of political theology.

      In the creation of propagandist “truths” for mobs to coalesce around, true believers value their identity with a mob more than any truth consisting of non-contradictory facts.

    • Adam Smith, conspiracy theorist.

      Adam Smith in Wealth of Nations” stated that wealthy businessmen when left alone together tend to conspire against the public.

      • The term “conspiracy theorists” was created by the CIA to discredit those who criticized what they considered the absurd conclusions of the Warren Commission report on the assassination of JFK .

      • @falco

        You and I both know that.

        That makes two here.

        It’s a pity that the informed consists of so tiny a minority amidst the sea of vastly deluded.

      • > Adam Smith, conspiracy theorist.

        ay-yup. The capitalists want you to worship Smith, but not actually read his writing.

        He wasn’t trying to promote a philosophy so much as to describe what he saw. He was in favor of progressive taxation, government regulation, and opposed to the gold standard.

    • Been going on a long time, falco, as evidenced by these famous lines from a millennia ago (in Victorian English translation) :

      Ah, Love! could you and I with Him conspire
      To grasp this sorry Scheme of Things entire,
      Would not we shatter it to bits–and then
      Re-mould it nearer to the Heart’s Desire!


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