Donald Trump’s Supporters Are the Zen Masters We’ve Been Looking For

All day long the citizens of an anxious nation are checking this and that. Maybe it’s time to give up hope.

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  • Chuckle.

    Blind self-delusion is no monopoly of the right.

    My personal favorite of the month from the liberal side: The world IS actually becoming a better place*:

    Feeling better already?

    * by which we mean that the somewhat questionable construct of a median wage in US dollars of Chinese and African peasants and workers has gone up a bit over the last century, which may not be a total statistical lie†. At any rate we certainly had very little to do with it, but pat on the back, everyone.

    † Income gains are lessened when taking into account that they lost state-provided medical services (yay neoliberalism), not to mention much of their land becoming uninhabitable in a generation or three.

    • @andreas5

      Two words: Steven Pinker.

      Two more: absolute idiot.

      For those unfamiliar with him, he provides strong confirmation of the idiocy that passes for Leftist intelligentsia.

      By Leftist I mean the Democrat pseudo-left.

    • alex_the_tired
      January 26, 2019 7:53 AM

      Fact: There are more slaves (either actual owned people or people economically trapped in abject poverty with no way out) now than ever before. And that isn’t some sort of Marxist propaganda calling for revolution; it’s just reality.
      If you bring it up, you get “the look” and “the admonishment”: Do you have to be so negative? Can’t you be positive?

  • The cartoon is spot on. Conservatives tend to be happier than liberals – proving once again that ignorance *is* bliss.

    I’d rather be well informed, thenkewverrahmush.

  • “Is it time to move? Commit suicide?”

    “The thought of suicide is a great consolation: with the help of it one has got through many a bad night.”—Friedrich Nietzsche

    • alex_the_tired
      January 25, 2019 10:46 PM

      “Bit off more than my mind could chew? Shower or suicide, what do I do? Will I make it through the 80s …” — Julie Brown
      Truly though, it is surprising how many problems, as I get older, sort into the mundane v. self-extinction boxes.

  • And, Ted, the rest of the world is looking at what you chaps are doing and/or threatening to do and also wondering if suicide might not be a timely alternative….


    • Maybe the US can offset the revenue lost through continual corporate tax decreases by offering individuals and small groups, right up to massive cult groups (whose time has come), a “drone-platform” suicide service?

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