You’re Gonna Miss Me

As the U.S. withdraws from an Iraq it destroyed, it wonders how Iraqis will do on their own.

7 thoughts on “You’re Gonna Miss Me

  1. Fortunately, there are other housewives to batter – in Afghanistan and Pakistan, for example, and perhaps Iran is next ? How would the world manage without the US military – and those who tag along with it, like most notably the UK, but even my country, Sweden ?…


  2. Turns out not very well, its still a country with three separate types of people that don’t really like each-other, and would kinda like to see the others dead. It’s Amazing America doesn’t do a better job of uniting people by going i attacking them, creating a political system for them, and telling them to get along.

  3. “Well, sarge, we’ll devolve quickly into the civil war for which your 20 years of egregious genocide has primed us. Those of us who manage to survive that will be reminded of your generosity as we experience generations of genetic monsters that your gift of depleted uranium will keep on giving.”

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