Your Right To Choose What We Tell You

Democracy, they say, is on the ballot this year and it’s really important to go to vote against Donald Trump. But the election itself has already proven itself to be anything but democratic. Third parties aren’t allowed on the ballot or to vote and the parties decided the choices in the primaries.

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  • Yep. The DNC has announced that it is engaging in full-tilt boogie lawfare against the Green Party–not unlike 2004, when they coordinated a couple dozen state lawsuits against Ralph Nader, or 2020, when they impersonated Green Party officials and called voters who had signed petitions to put the GP on the ballot, asking them to revoke their signatures.

  • alex_the_tired
    April 17, 2024 4:56 PM

    I’m watching the sideshow in New York. If anyone doesn’t see this as a deliberate attempt to tamper with the campaigning to give Biden a leg up, I’d love to hear the reasoning behind that. I have a big, big feeling this is going to blow up in the dnc’s face.

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