You Shall Know Us by Our Priorities

You can tell a society’s political priorities by how it spends money. It would cost an estimated $10 billion a year in order to eliminate homelessness in the United States. Instead, the United States recently sent $40 billion to Ukraine.

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  • Supposedly the artillery America sent (the 155mm M777 howitzer being one type) are being operated by amateurs and they are being out-dueled by the larger number of Russian artillery pieces. This has been a seven-month disaster and needed to be shut off as soon as it started.

  • Did someone mention “values”?

  • alex_the_tired
    August 8, 2022 5:25 PM

    Russia already holds part of Ukraine. And not just a tiny bit of it. Throw in the ancillaries: Russia can shut off the gas. Russia can block the export of grain. Even with climate change, winter’s going to be cold in Europe. And who doesn’t like toast? Or cake? Or cookies? Or just eating handfuls of raw flour straight from the bag? The fastest solution that turns the bread ovens back on is for Ukraine to lose.

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