You Can’t Go Home, Home Again

While Joe Biden’s house in Wilmington, Delaware is renovated for upgraded security, he said that he was staying at his luxurious home in Rehoboth Beach instead. “No, I’m not homeless,” he said, oddly. “I just have one home. I have a beautiful home. I’m down here for the day because I can’t go home, home.” Plus there’s the place in Washington.

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  • Joe can’t make a speech to save his life. But, what’s it to me? Keep beating him up on the issues when he is subpar, but this speech stuff … who cares? The previous guy is very good at speech making (at least to those who appreciate his style), but here too it’s what he does on the issues that is important.

  • it isn’t “just” that he can’t make a speech. It’s that his speeches betray a lack of full integration due to paralogia or senility or some sort or other mental deficit.

    A reporter from the (IIRC) Washington Times asked the other day about Biden’s numerous lapses, lies, gaffes, etc., and whether it’s that Biden is just making things up or whether he actually believes he’s telling the truth. And it’s, I think, the most important question no one’s had the nerve to ask before. Back when Reagan was in office, the press corps circled the wagons to protect him because he was “like a grandfather” to some of them. And now, here’s Biden, confabulating to beat the band, and it’s just like with Reagan: the Press Corps all pretends there’s nothing to see here, move along.

    Trump’s going to raise this same point, over and over. Every time someone accuses him of lying during the campaign season, he’ll just reply back, “What about all of Joe Biden’s lies? How his grandfather died at the same hospital that Joe was born it, when that isn’t the case?” Sure, Trump’s a liar. So is Biden. So Biden can’t attack Trump on truthiness. And it isn’t about degrees. Biden isn’t telling a little fib once in a while. He genuinely sounds like he doesn’t know what’s true and what isn’t.

    What’s the meme? The woman who looks terminal saying that she just once would like to have healthcare and her own home before the planet dies? It’s like that. The media’s useless. The dems are useless. Just let it be over already.

    • I don’t particularly like Joe Biden as a politician, and his lying (whether to us or to himself) is now part of that; there are about a dozen 2020 Democratic presidential candidates I’d prefer over Biden or Harris. Nonetheless, so far Biden’s lies are about little-league stuff like the hospital story. The previous guy lies big league, so if the final choice is between the two of them, it’s easy for me to choose Biden. I am hopeful that other voters will see this as I do.

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