You Can Go Home Now

Obama announces a partial withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

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  • Or Thank Allah, as it were.

    I’m not sure which is sad/funnier, re-elect President for life Karzai or Achmed’s Wedding Bunker.

    I just found myself shaking my head.

    Of course US troops will never leave entirely, unless like the USSR, the economy all comes crashing down and the troops become stranded there without any resources.

  • Sorry, I meant Soviet troops scattered throughout Eastern Europe and elsewhere after the collapse of the USSR. NATO countries wound up feeding and taking care of them until they could be shipped back.

  • Yeah, I love how we as a country have the nerve to attack Qaddafi as an evil dictator while we now have two Presidents who have propped up this Karzai criminal who kills his own people and takes bribes.

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