Worth More Dead Than Alive

If not for 9/11, 750 of those 3000 dead would be unemployed now.

4 thoughts on “Worth More Dead Than Alive

  1. This is SOOO true, Ted. It doesn’t just stop with this….it’s what burns me so much about the memorials for fallen soldiers….we gush for dead soldiers, and ignore or disregard wounded ones…unless they don’t cost us anything.

    The dead cost nothing.

    That’s what it’s really about. Living people have needs…..the right wing doesn’t want to address the needs of anyone. They spawned themselves through their own personal will. . .nobody every changed their diapers or took charity with them.

  2. I am shocked (not really, it’s just something one is supposed to say) that nobody else commented on this. It is a stellar piece of commentary on the fact that people are only worth anything to the extent that they can be used to promote the interests of the great war machine

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