Why No Jobs?

It’s his third year in office, yet Obama still hasn’t focused on jobs. Why not?

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  • Still wondering why you’re getting ignored by left-leaning media? This comic, where you yet again ignore reality so you can bash Obama is an excellent example.

    Lets start with the most obvious mistake here; Obama spent most of his first year in office getting a stimulus passed, which provided a great many jobs. Now I’ll grant you that it wasn’t big enough, but that’s the fault of Republicans, not Obama.

    After people foolishly voted against their own best interests in the 2010 midterms there was damn little Obama could do about jobs, because spending bills originate in the House. He has repeatedly made calls for more investment in the American economy, which will lead to more job creation and has been blocked repeatedly by- you guessed it- Republicans and their radical “do nothing but cut taxes for the rich” agenda.

    So, you’ve made the ridiculous and untrue claim that Obama hasn’t focused on jobs, and ignored the Republicans, who are the ACTUAL problem that is keeping jobs from being created. And you wonder why left-leaning media ignores someone who makes specious claims that would be right at home on RedState? Really?

  • Susan Stark
    July 4, 2011 2:53 PM


    I’m laughing my ass of at your comment. If Obama had arrested the members of the Bush Regime for crimes against humanity back in January 20, 2009, the Republicans would never have been a problem during his administration. There would have never been a “Tea Party”, either. In fact, the GOP itself might have even disintegrated due to lack of power and ideas.

    Please do us all a favor and spare us from your learned helplessness.

  • Although I get it that healthcare is a big deal, I never understood why Obama didn’t pound on jobs from day 1. Seemed stupid to me. Now there is no possibility of a jobs bill. Who knows what might happen in the next election which could make things better, but the rest of Obama’s first term is totally dead. He will accomplish nothing. Too bad!

  • Whimsical are you sure you are not a Bush supporter, seeing as Obama’s “Stimulus package” was really just Bush’s stimulus continued? Also it should be noted that it did not work, as unemployment is still extremely high, but your right the reason the left wing ignores him is because he doesn’t parrot the same BS all the other left wingers pretend to be true for the sake of their ego. Your second paragraph rephrased is blah blah blah self interest, blah blah what I believe is always in everybody’s self interest blah blah. your third paragraph is again just a parroting of the official democrat line that all problems are are result of Republicans and despite having total power for two years, and a pretty decent situation for this last year, its all on the Republicans, your going to vote Democrat, even if they were to start acting like Hitler, or Bush…. oh wait they already are acting like Bush… oops.

  • Also Whimsical, I’m pretty sure you lifted most of your “facts” directly from campaign ads. Hows it feel to be the latest version of a Bush supporter? Defending something and someone you don’t really believe in.

  • Whimsical must be a right wing plant or someone who just likes to play devil’s advocate. If not, he/she is a classic example of the ignorant, deluded, and downright pathetic Left.

    Obama never intended to focus on job creation, nor on REAL healthcare reform, nor on ending wars, nor on effective financial regulation, nor on halting the civil liberties assaults of the Bush years. If he did, his cabinet choices (including Supreme Court nominees) would look a lot different.

    As I’ve said before, the powers that be from both sides of the aisle vetted Obama and found him to be the perfect front for the empire. Well-spoken, attractive, empty suit, and most important black face – qualities that will stifle dissent, shut up the minorities, and make it beyond easy for powers that be to wreak major havoc here and worldwide. As icing on the cake, Obama comes with CIA credentials (he and family, see: Wayne Madsen’s investigative articles) which make him even more savvy in the ability to con the public and work in tandem with the military/security complex. So far, this evil plan is working perfectly.

  • Face it, there must be power behind the puppets elected President, because they all follow the exact same policies regardless of what promises they make.

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