Why Do You Want to Be When You Grow up?

The shooting of 20 year old Daunte Wright by a Minnesota police officer sparked yet another round of protests by people outraged at cops shooting unarmed Black men. You have to wonder, why would anyone want to become a cop?

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  • alex_the_tired
    April 19, 2021 7:44 AM

    1. I love the goldfish (albeit green). Took a second to get the joke. A nice touch.
    2. The cops we have now? In all seriousness, are they that much worse or better than the politicians we have? Look at BLM. The co-founder just bought a $1.4 million luxe home in a mostly white enclave. When this was brought up, her defenders came out of the woodwork. The same was done with Hillary Clinton. The same was done with Barack Obama. Fine. Let’s blame the cops. But let’s not stop there. If the cops were the only part of the problem, the problem would have been fixed a long time ago.

  • I can see someone wanting to become a policeman in order to make some difference in the world, but possibly that is because I am old enough to remember a time when people became policemen to “serve and protect”. I can see someone like Ted, or like myself want to become a policeman for that reason, how well that would work out being another matter somewhat dependent on the mentality at the top of the organization.

  • Why would anyone want to become a cop?

    So I may Serve and Protect Politicians like Maxine Waters.

    Some Black Lives Matter More than Others.

  • Want to molest little children? Be a priest.

    Want to kill little children? Be a cop.

    Cops and priests are partners in crime.

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