Why Centrist Democrats Can’t Get to Bernie Sanders

Centrist Democrats find themselves in a quandry: the more they attack Bernie Sanders, the more that voters support him. If only there was a solution.

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  • Nailed it again, Ted – kudos !…


  • alex_the_tired
    January 27, 2020 8:06 AM

    Loved it. I am reminded of another scene in Star Trek (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zo1zbUwSNWg).
    Bernie Sanders/the Progressive Wing would be Kirk.
    What’s left of the rational media would be Spock.
    The way the middle class used to be is the opening scene of the children playing.
    The middle class sheep who’ve been lobotomized by 40 years of centrism compromise are the children waking up to how badly they’ve been screwed.
    The centrists would be the Gorgon.
    The wooden delivery of his lines by Melvin Belli would be Hillary Clinton’s motivation for how to act “natural” in front of voters.
    “Look … and don’t be afraid.”

  • Chinese finger puzzle:

    The harder it’s pulled the tighter its grip.

  • Sanders has promised to get money out of politics. So obviously, the DNC would rather have 8 more years of Trump than 4 of Bernie, since Bernie is a threat to their gravy train, which is the exact opposite of Trump, and the DNC know which side their bread is buttered.
    Joe would be perfect (unless St Hillary could be persuaded to run again). If Joe wins, GREAT. If he loses, no big deal: the bucks will keep pouring in.

  • “Centrist Democrats” may not be able to get to Bernie but “DNC Democrats” have a plan they
    desperately hope will work:

    Check out “DNC Leader Stacks Nominating Committee Against Bernie”

    Article is at the Link

    • Surprise, surprise !…


    • The Democratic Party primaries are non-binding referendums.

      This was, in effect, their legal defense against the people who donated to the Sanders 2016 campaign, who wanted their money back after DNC trickery and fraud resulted in a losing Hillary Clinton candidacy.

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