Why Are Our Victims so Uncooperative?

On Super Tuesday, the Democratic National Committee and President Obama carefully coordinated the replacement of Bernie Sanders by Joe Biden as the Democratic frontrunner for president. The new progressives would be upset but didn’t care because they figured progressives would have to vote for Biden no matter what. Now that that’s not the case, they are upset that their plan is not working.

2 thoughts on “Why Are Our Victims so Uncooperative?

  1. I liked Tulsi much better than Bernie, but I’d have voted for Bernie. There is absolutely no way in *&#&! I could ever vote for Trump or Biden. Biden’s words, like most presidents, are right off the Teleprompter and provided by the Federal Office for writing Presidential Speeches. The words sound OK, but the actions have never matched the words for the last 30 years, and I don’t expect any change in that.
    Trump’s words are terrible, but he can’t get the worst of them done.
    I’ll find out who else is on the ballot when I get my mail-in ballot on the 19th.

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