When You Find out You’ve Been Doing Terrorism Wrong

It was astonishing to watch hapless Capitol Police not only be easily overwhelmed by a mostly unarmed rabble as they invaded the Capitol building, but some police so clearly ideologically aligned with the protesters who wanted to reverse the election in favor of Trump that they moved gates aside to let them pass and took selfies with them.

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  • Sorry, gents, your skin color is a few shades too ruddy to qualify for the Capitol&Congress “Preferred Terrorist” Rewards Program.
    (Instead check out the Obumma&Biden “Moderate Rebel” Program designed for you to kill others of your own complexion … completely within the borders of your own shit-hole countries.)

  • alex_the_tired
    January 11, 2021 8:19 AM

    When terrorists take down the World Trade Center, everyone mourns. When terrorists attack the Capitol Building, everyone mourns. When the terrorists are corporations privatizing (and poisoning) the Flint, Michigan, water supply, and the president shows up and takes a microsip of filtered water to “prove” it’s safe, somehow, that doesn’t trigger even a hundredth of the same outrage. But there I go, being all socialist and outraged. Again.

  • Yes! Waltzing in to the capitol, taking a few selfies with the cops, then getting arrested for it later is definitely doing terrorism wrong.

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