When Someone Says Biden Sucks, You Are Supposed to Have a Good Answer

At this point in the campaign, Democratic nominee Joe Biden still hasn’t articulated an affirmative case for why he should be president rather than Donald Trump. Instead, all he says is, I’m not Donald Trump. Is that enough?

5 thoughts on “When Someone Says Biden Sucks, You Are Supposed to Have a Good Answer

  1. From the New York Times:
    Headline: They Can’t Stomach Trump. They’re Sufficiently Comfortable With Biden.
    Blurb: Some voters who disliked both nominees in 2016 chose a third-party candidate instead. Now, many of them are shunning President Trump and are ready to back Joe Biden.

    Have you ever, in your entire life, heard a less-enthusiastic response? Imagine it was 1943 Germany and Hitler decided to run a fair election open only to foreigners. “Well, yeah, I don’t like Hitler. I mean, the Sudetenland, all the camps, just the whole destabilization of Europe. So much death. But, I mean, really, um, Biden? Well, I guess I’ll vote for Biden. If there’s no other choice.”

    Between the voter suppression by Republicans, the turning off of the independent voters by the dems, COVID-19, massive unemployment, and a growing sense that everything is coming apart at the seams, I think all that’s left is for Biden to announce his terrible choice for veep so that Trump can win another election.

    • The establishment media reiterated that St Hillary was the very best candidate for president the US has ever had, and we know, since Obama told us, that she really won 175% of the vote, had it been counted honestly, but Trump tweeted Putin passwords to the voting machines in 21 states giving Trump the electors from 30 states when he only won 9. Obama said so, and the historical story about Obama and the cherry tree proves Obama could never tell a lie.

  2. As mentioned by jackalope66, above, HRC already campaigned on the obviosity that “I’m not Trump.” She also invoked different anatomy. Neither seemed to be the clinching factor.

    Maybe Joe (full-load) Biden needs to insist he has TWO male-associated anatomical parts to only one of His Hairness (aka “Trump”). This is clearly “different”?

    HRC’s campaign seemed unable or unwilling to grasp the significance of the electoral college. However, they did notice that every time she campaigned in “swing” states her poll numbers dropped. They did realize, if a little too late, that the only alternative was to keep her out of critical states.

    I never thought I’d see myself writing something neutral about “full-load,” or his campaign, but they are apparently cleverly enough to keep JB out of the public view apparently having learned from the HRC campaign about the hazards of allowing generally detested candidates outside of their own basements.

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