When I Served in Vietnam

Once again, a politician who should be bragging about successfully avoiding service in Vietnam is lying about his lack of military service. Militarism in the United States is a cult.

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  1. Ted’s upgraded to the Web 2.0 and has a couple of links under his strip saying “<<First | <Previous"

    I suggest that you try one of those links.

  2. Are you two insulting Highway’s moral superiority???? How DARE you!!!! I am vicariously offended for him!!!!!

    TED!!!! How DARE you draw cartoons about things I’m not paying any attention to!!! I am offended!!!!

    My 3 month old roosters have started to crow…but no mention of that, BIG MAN!? *sigh* New Yorker arrogance I tell ya…..

  3. Focus! The initial question was moot. AD has an excellent point. Looping moral superiority leads to looping “Great Caesar’s Ghost! There it goes again!”

  4. Anon, you are not capable of greater conceptual thought than Highway, and thus you can not interpret the meaning of His question beyond the literal words that He writes.

    Bow to your creator and repent!!!!

  5. So much has been said in defense of Mr. Blumenthal by so-called journalists who ought to be calling him a bald-faced liar and get a job with private industry where lies are more than rewarded. Now there’s the mayor of Calumet City, Illinois, a Veteran who DID serve in Vietnam, but claimed he was awareded the nation’s highest military honor, the Medal of Honor, and he didn’t. Instead of admitting he LIED, the mayor keeps smiling and lying. What is WRONG with these people? They obviously have talent and ambition enough to get themselves in positions of authorty, power and wealth. But that isn’t enough. They have to suck the dignity from people who made sacrifices, lost pieces of body and mind, and claim it as their own. This is NOT a forgiveable offense. They want a special set of rules for themselves, not unlike the closeted homosexual preachers and politicians who have vehemently preached against anything gay and lesbian, supported legislation that would keep ‘people with differences’ second class citizens.
    Some Veterans, living and dead, have kept quiet about their courage and sacrifices, and accepted the crumbs offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs as compensation for losses. The politicians who have benefits and perks, for themselves and their families, just can’t get enough.
    Every stinking, alleged apology I’ve heard and read has been hollow. The only reason they offer these bullshit apologies is they got caught. Kurt Vonnegut had an excellent symbol for such people: the *.

  6. “what is wrong with these people?” Nothing. They do this because they can. American society rewards aggressive, abusive, and militant behavior. As long as it’s not directed at the true architects, and instead at some scapegoat group (women, blacks, immigrants, russians, french, gays…etc…etc…etc)

    Accept that this is the society that has been chosen, and live with it. Nothing will get better, nothing will change, the only alternatives we have are worse.

  7. BTW, Ted, the three-breasted women (panel #3) is consistent with other eccentricities of the female breast that appeared in previous Ted Rall cartoons. Not a problem, though. There’s precedent in Norman Drabble’s nose and EVERYTHING in Dilbert, unquestioned commercial successes.

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