What’s the Difference between a Trump Rally and a Public School?

Liberals like to make fun of ignorant conservatives for ignoring basic health protocols during the COVID-19 crisis like wearing masks and attending mass gatherings. But they have their blind spots as well. They want K-12 education as well as colleges to open up this fall even though there’s no reason to believe that they would be able to enforce social distancing.

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  • But Ted, there may well be significant differences between schools – particularly in the lower grades, where social distancing could be enforced – and a Trump rally, which is the very anithesis of social distancing. Of course, carrying out social distancing in already overcrowded and under-financed facilities could be dear, but surely no one is thinking about money here ?…


  • Liberals’ magical thinking? Let us count the ways!!!

    Like, the three-year, non-stop fiasco Russia-RTP©***-gate and the recent bounty-gate?
    How about “Obumma was an excellent president”-gate?

    Then there is the NON-comprehensive list:
    a) “Biden could be the most progressive president since FDR”^^^-gate
    b) “Biden may be a racist, misogynist, corrupt, murderous, demented geezer but he’s OUR VERY OWN (rmcm)-demented geezer (besides, its his turn)”-gate
    c) “Let’s impeach Trump for doing what Biden did, except JB did it well more egregiously… and then publicly boastedªªªªª about it” -gate

    My currentººº personal favorite is HRC’s “I will work with Republicans”-gate. It’s an example of double magical thinking. 1) that of liberals who presumably see nothing particularly repulsive with that “strategy” and 2) that of HRC who didn’t realize that the only “working with Republicans” her presidency would have entailed would have been responding to a non-stop “impeachment process” starting less that 20 minutes after her having completed the oath of office.
    *** RTP© >>> “Rootin’ Tootin’ Putin”
    ^^^ attributed to Bernie Sanders who, apparently, has accepted new cabinet post created just for him: “Secretary of the Dept Meaningless and Irrelevant Issues”
    ªªªªª NYTimes 1May2019
    ººº But I am always looking for the next Dem/DNC “high” point in political irrelevance

    • Great reasons for abandoning the Democratic Party, falco. I’m all in agreement with you here.

      Covidiots all.

      And Trump blames China for the COVID-19 tragedy and yet doesn’t support wearing masks because COVID-19 is a hoax and is not a real danger.

      What the hell is going on in Trump’s head? Does he think (and I use this word loosely) that the hospital intensive care rooms are full of people dying under a spell, like some contra-placebo voodoo effect?

      These parties are terrible and need to go away, but how can the American people not die laughing at the absurdities?

      Has American mass culture itself aged into senility, a state where reason and its lack is imperceptible within the mass culture itself?

      Is Trump trying to break a spell by not counting deaths or is he trying to create his own spell among his followers? Or both?

      Reagan had voodoo economics and Trump has voodoo straight up.

  • Here’s a really stupid anti-Fauci cartoon

  • alex_the_tired
    July 16, 2020 6:58 AM

    Ask anyone who lives in a metropolitan area: social distancing cannot be enforced. First, you’ve got all the people who don’t “believe” there’s a need for masks. Then there’s all the people who wear them like totems (nose exposed, or under the chin). The mask isn’t a crucifix to wave in the general direction of the virus. It has to be worn correctly for it to work.
    I see a similarity in, um, Joe Biden’s approach to climate and the response to COVID. Biden’s handlers have put out a position that says that Biden wants to deal with climate change by 2050. As Ted has pointed out elsewhere, this is simply not enough. Climate, like COVID, isn’t a kinda-sorta thing. To address the problem, you have to address the problem, and that means doing what is scientifically sound, not what the public feels okay about, not what the Karens will permit, not what is best for the economy.
    Our leaders and most of us are behaving exactly like the idiots who go running back into the burning building to rescue a possession.

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