What Is Joe Biden Thinking When He Uses Words like Malarkey?

Joe Biden’s age has become a major issue in the 2020 presidential campaign. Partly this is because he has been showing signs of early dementia while he talks. But it’s also the fact that he uses outdated expressions. Recently the Internet went crazy when he showed off his new campaign bus with its new “no malarkey” logo. Come on, man!

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  • Ted, were Mr Biden’s only solecisms of the type «malarkey», his running for the Democratic Party’s nomination as presidential candidate in the US election on 3 November 2020, would not be a problem. And besides, from what I’m given to understand, the amount of attention his campaign bus slogan received was only slightly less than if it had been «No bullshit !» – what’s not to like ?…


    • My comment above is awaiting «moderation» because I used the US equivalent of what in the UK is called «bollocks» (wonder if that, too, will needs await «moderation»). Hardly surprising, then, that Mr Biden’s campaign managers chose «malareky» – which one can write without getting «moderated» on Ted’s commentary threads (where, as we know, so many prospective Biden voters congregate)….


  • Twenty-Three Skidoo, Joe.

  • I guess the first objection to Obumma has to be that he chose
    a real nincompoop for a VP.

    Fits the theme of the comic, and the superficialities, but what a tragic, life-threatening, outrageous insult … now intending to reach his full “potential.”

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