What If Dubya Had Told Us What Was Coming?

The U.S. has committed at least 15,000 combat troops and billions of dollars to extend the war of Afghanistan another 10 years, to 2024. Imagine what Americans would have thought if Bush had told them what was in store after 9/11.

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  • Ah, yes, Sept 12, 2001, the day GW Bush was finally an expert on terrorism.

    He should have been in federal prison on several different charges. Having failed that, it will never be clear to me how a nation could be so stupid as to witness that twit’s miserable failure the day before then accept without question his every plan on how to proceed.

    • The majority of US voters (and the US is a Democracy, so the majority of voters rule) agree that Bush, jr kept the US safe from terrorism and prosperous for his entire term of office, and is one of the Greatest US Presidents.

      The terrorist attack of 9/11/’01 was entirely the responsibility of Clinton, who was president then, and Obama, who was a senior member of the Clinton administration. Had Bush, jr been in charge on 9/11/’01, the suicide hijackers would never have been able to implement their evil plot.

      And if you don’t agree just because the Facts say otherwise, the majority of US voters have rejected Facts, and the US is a Democracy, so the voters’ rejection means we must all reject all Facts as undemocratic!

  • I agree, Ted – honesty is always the best policy, especially when chopping down cherry trees – and it wouldn’t have meant diddly squat had George Walker Bush known what was in the offing and told US voters – so long as he was the sort of chap one would like to have a beer (or a cocaine snort) with (and had the US Supreme Court on his side when things got dicey)….


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