We’re So Corrupt We Can Only Nail Politicians on a Technicality

They got Al Capone for taxes because the system wasn’t competent enough to nail him for organized crime and murder. Now it looks like Joe Biden is about to be pushed out of the 2020 presidential campaign, but not for his most serious offenses to morality and decency.

14 thoughts on “We’re So Corrupt We Can Only Nail Politicians on a Technicality

  1. “The system” – especially the media – live in the eternal present (“we have always been at war with Eastasia”). Therefore there is a latent conflict between what was consensus in the past and what is now. As in “but wearing Blackface was entirely acceptable back then” defense.

    It went to absurd heights with John Kerry: he actually was bodily involved in combat (incomprehensible and quaint to the elites now), but threw away his medal in protest (quite mainstream for a vet in ’68, embarrassing later), etc. His flip-flopping (i.e. following whatever seems en vogue at the time) may have cost him the election.

    There was a reason that Biden was picked as vice-president in 2008 rather than submitting himself to actual primaries. He would have lost decisively against Obama in particular because of the unpopularity of the war fiasco with the electorate – never mind that committing war crimes was considered the only socially acceptable choice at the time.

    The media cannot remember what happened last week, so it is a little much to expect them to remember 2003, and Biden is running as Obama’s avuncular attachee rather than on his own record. #MeToo is still a thing in the media, though, and it remains to be seen how much an actual record of participating in atrocities (foreign and domestic) will hobble Biden – and Kamala Harris for that matter – with the electorate who do peskily persist in remembering some of the actual past in spite of media distractions, half-truths, and actual lies. After all, there are clean/empty slates to choose from, and an older fellow who largely followed his own moral compass rather than merely adhering to acceptable outside opinion, imagine that.

    • News is produced without context because context makes news unacceptably “political” in America’s allegedly (or should I say self-described?) “objective” news media.

      Plus the state, along with the people’s state of mind, is born anew every day, even if it is merely an unremembered but eternal repetition.

      “Once a doctrine, however irrational, has gained power in a society, millions of people will believe it rather than feel ostracized and isolated.”— Eric Fromm

      Millions will repeat, for years, that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that Trump was Putin’s Manchurian Candidate.

  2. Or let them off the hook on a technicality …

    Hey, didja see where some of Mueller’s team are saying that Barr’s Book Report doesn’t exactly tell all their conclusions? Fun and games …

    • The fake news will always attempt to justify their misrepresentations in order to avoid a too abrupt turnabout from what has now become their obvious misrepresentation of facts through the use of new and less apparent misrepresentations.

      The New York Times will not explicitly report that Trump was not in fact Putin’s Manchurian Candidate, despite all of their previous reporting that implied such was the case, causing such a frenzy of false hopes among the Democrats’ base, those poor dupes.

      • In contrast, Barr’s Book Report has caused a frenzy of false hopes among Deniers and other Republicans, those poor dupes.

      • So, CH, you still believe that Putin put Trump in the presidency?

        I wonder how long it will be before a majority of Democrats will recover from the insane belief that Mighty Putin rigged the Electoral College.

      • “you still believe that Putin put Trump in the presidency?”

        How can I “still believe” something I never believed in the first place?

        “the insane belief that Mighty Putin rigged the Electoral College.”

        Yes, that is an insane belief. So why do you believe it? Or rather, why do you believe someone else believes it when they’ve never said anything of the sort? This ‘belief’ has no basis in reality, it is a ‘delusion’ if you will

        Say it with me, “I’m perfectly happy to defend anything I do say, but I have no obligation to defend any nonsense you pull out …. “

      • It’s good to see that you, CH, are slowly and subtly disengaging from the “Russia, Russia, Russia” hysteria of the past couple of years after having been such a captive of it.

        I know it’s hard for you to believe that the Democratic Party and the fake news would lie to you, but I once had to overcome that myself, having done so during president Johnson’s conjuring of an attack in the Gulf of Tonkin, in order to justify the draft of millions of people of my age cohort.

        Recovery is possible, CH. Just remember that all governments lie.

        Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

      • @Glenn, all this time commenting and you still haven’t read Barr’s Book Report? You need to catch up, dude.

        The Russians really did “hack the election” to help Trump. It wasn’t a hoax, it wasn’t a VLWC, and it didn’t have anything at all to do with Hillary.

        I asked another interlocutionizer earlier, he didn’t answer – perhaps you will:

        You’ve been screaming for three years that it was all a hoax ‘cuz Hillary. Do you have the balls to admit you were wrong? Or do you giggle when your boyfriend Trump grabs you by the pussy?

  3. The Dem politicians get kicked out because of “behavioral issues”(let’s call it) but with Repubs who have these same issues they dig in their heels.

    • Republicans never cared about marital infidelity.

      They know that marital infidelity is an issue that will separate Democratic voters from democratic candidates, and so play them.

      Even women in the Republican Party are OK with, and will vote for, pussy grabbing candidates. Only the Democratic Party has to appear to care about the behavior of the Democratic Party Patriarchs.

    • eh-HEM, they didn’t get kicked out – they just wanted to spend more time with their families… 😉

      @Glenn, the Rs do care very much about marital infidelity – among women. Or any sex at all among unmarried women. The bible’s pretty clear on the matter: sexual taboos apply only to those who carry around a vagina.

  4. About as damning an indictment of the US system of picking those who, under the supervision of their corporate masters, are supposed to governm the country – as I’ve seen, all in four frames. Kudos, Ted !…


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