In Case of Emergency, Pretend Everything’s Cool

Democrats warn that Trump threatens democracy itself. If that’s really true, why are they running such a weak candidate against him and refusing to hold primaries that serve as a crucible from which the strongest possible candidate can emerge?

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  • Apparently the “Democrats” view democracy as was Viet Nam a few decades ago: it has to be destroyed to be saved.

  • alex_the_tired
    February 7, 2024 5:58 AM

    The simplest answer? The democrats — specifically, the dnc — aren’t interested in saving the U.S. democracy. Nor is the dnc interested in stopping Donald Trump. Why would they? If Trump wins, the dnc must be retained as the last best hope of stopping him next time. If Trump loses, the dnc must be retained as they were the only ones who were able to stop him this time.

    New Hampshire usually has 250,000 democratic voters at its primary. When the contest is a reelection primary, there’s fewer voters because a lot of people figure the incumbent has it locked in. But … all of those reelections were BEFORE Trump. None involved a Biden-elderly, Biden-frail candidate. ALL democratic energies should be bent toward massive turnouts of primary voters coming out to vote for Biden to reinforce the fantasy that he is vigorous and leads a unified party that backs him vociferously.

    Biden, buoyed by voters’ rabid fear of Trump, should have realized at least 100,000 votes in New Hampshire. In South Carolina? Clyburn put the blade deep into Biden’s back by not coming through with, minimum, 200,000 votes from the party faithful. Biden won’t win South Carolina anyway in the general, but the whole reason for upending the party process in New Hampshire was to have a real gangbuster turnout in South Carolina.

    If I were on Biden’s election campaign I would be off of Biden’s election campaign. I would take a long, hot shower, change my name, and try to start over at whatever Denny’s would take me.

  • In 2016, the polls said St Hillary was sure to win, First Woman President, so all the dimmycrats started partying at 12:01 am on Election Day, toasting her sure win with bubbly.
    In 2020, the dimmycrats didn’t start partying until after Brandon won. The vote count chosen by a majority of the State Election Committee, which must be exactly 50% dimmycrat and 50% raypublican, is the legal vote count and cannot be contested. Trump was ahead in about 6 states when observers were kicked out and the counting continued with no outside observers until Brandon had a majority vote count and the election. No one told Trump the Committee vote count is the only legal vote count and cannot legally be challenged, except to ask the Committee to recount, which costs a lot and usually produces the same result.
    This year should be a repeat of 2020. Of course, many say that, at the Convention, Brandon will step down and hand the nomination to Michelle. I guess we’ll know in August.

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