We Need a Hollywood President

Climate climate change could cause human extinction by 2050. What would the president do if he or she were in a Hollywood action thriller?

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  • Nuking those other countries would provoke a nuclear winter, thus counteracting anthropogenic global warming and solve the problem, at the same time providing the audience in the US with what it likes best, i e, seeing things blown up. I suggest, Ted, that you patent your solution, before someone (those nefarious Chinese ?) steals it…. 😉


    • She’s a Hollywood President. When she says stop, they’ll all stop using fossil fuels. Even the Russians and Chinese.
      (At least China is trying to cut back, but with 1.5 billion people to feed and make jobs for, they’re having a hard time of it. The US isn’t even trying. Obama, while he gave speech after speech against climate change, was really working hard to double US fossil fuel production. At least Trump says he thinks it’s a hoax instead of lying about it.)

      • To michaelwme:

        If the US has doubled its fossil fuel production, it has been mainly due to the use of fracking. The need to frack signifies that the very last of the resource is being extracted … at least that which can be obtained for a positive (if increasingly slim) marginal excess of energy obtained compared to the energy expended in the process to obtain it.

        The brutal end will be “a shock, a shock, I tell you” and the entertainment value of the visage of the US begging Russia to sell it some of Russia’s*** massive energy reserves will be exceeded only by Russia’s refusal to do so. (Despite 70+ years of the US waging “cold war,” the US media, the chattering class and its blustering politicos won’t be able to figure out why that is the case, either.)

        *** Russia is #1 in proven natural gas reserve and #8 in crude oil reserves, according to the CIA world factbook. (The USA, strangely, is rated as #203 and “not available,” respectively, by the same source.) Link Go to “energy” tab.

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