Wars Make Bad Badfellows

Many Americans are skeptical about military support for Ukraine given that country’s dismal human rights record and autocratic political system. One might also wonder why any other country would want to get into a relationship with the United States.

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  • Weapons or Dialog?

    I’m with Chomsky on this.

    Dialog, even if it means backing Trump.

    All of the fake concern about human rights by Biden means nothing in a post-nuclear holocaust world.

    The Democrats already burned their bridges before they crossed them by demonizing Trump as Putin’s Puppet, so they have no freedom to pursue dialog without stepping into the demonizing trap that they set for Trump but walked into themselves.

    Scare the shit out of the Democrats. Trump 2024 (If we are still alive by then)

  • alex_the_tired
    May 12, 2022 10:37 AM

    I think we passed the last exit before the toll booths when fawning eggsuck Barack Obama got to the White House, looked out over his 60-seat democratic Senate and promptly sat on his ass waiting to be told what to do by his corporate owner/operators, smiling all the while as he explained to “folks” (don’t you love how these populists always immediately adopt belittling terms) how universal health care simply didn’t have the votes, and what would be the point of pinning democrats to votes anyway? As Glenn points out, the dems painted us all into a corner with Putin.
    Seriously, what is the dnc going to have Biden say and do to save the midterms? Invoke all the magic of a soap opera and come up with the way — coma baby, alien abduction, evil twin, anything — that prevents the Republicans from taking the Senate (and probably the House) in the midterms. Biden can’t even get a symbolic vote for Roe v. Wade, the fundamental pillar of his party’s ideology.
    There’s nothing left for that senile grifter to try (not that he would, anyway).
    I suspect that, soon, we will have much bigger fish to fry than giving a crap about the billions we’re throwing at Ukraine. (Like food shortages globally.)

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