No Place for Violence

Even as he funnels tens of billions of dollars in weapons to Israel to help it bomb the Gaza Strip, President Biden lectures college students about being too violent as they try to protect themselves from riot police.

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  • alex_the_tired
    May 17, 2024 10:02 AM

    All the signs are converging. The college population is dropping. Older workers are discovering that their investment in time doesn’t translate to better jobs or more money. Student loans are now the Florida beachfront property timeshare that everyone knows to avoid. Boomer teachers who have tenure will continue to draw their six-figure salaries for years and years to come, and don’t forget their pensions with benefits.

    I suspect that within 10 years, there will be a shocking imploding noise as school after school shutters. I am curious where affluent students will go for their political equivalent of Lesbian Until Graduation or Gay Til May before going off for a gap year in Europe before settling down to the job mommy and daddy lined up for them. (That small slice of students who fought the good fight politically will, as usual, be left to starve as they keep submitting resumes that get ghosted.)

    And … moderation.

  • Campuses are “no place for violence”?
    That’s an excellent reason to keep great swarms of militarized*** police OFF campuses … ditto the
    Zionist provocateurs that are responsible for essentially the only violence attributable to non-police.
    The following link is to a video lecture on the current situation by Max Blumenthal:
    ***Of course, the ultimate realization of militarized police in the US was brought to you by Saint Obumma
    who secured his credentials as a massive fraud by elevating Biden to the international scene … from which
    he could ultimately provoke nuclear annihilation on three fronts.

  • …not to mention that the DEI initiatives that so many on the left thought were a good idea are now being used to persecute Palestine supporters by defining them as “Anti-Semitic.”

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