War on War

What if we devoted a proportional number of financial and other resources to threats other than terrorism?


NOTE: My apologies to people who commented on this cartoon post. Due to a glitch in WordPress, I was forced to delete this post and put it back up. Regrettably, in the process, your comments were lost. I always make every effort to avoid this sort of thing, and I am sorry.

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  • Maybe you can get a copy of the deleted comments from USA’s government funded backup system, AKA NSA.

  • That Utah facility in building progress is truly terrifying. Five times bigger than DC? They’re spending billions of our dollars to spy on us withering away…

    BRAZEN. It’s what makes it just SO scary. Their hubris. What a power-grab. I never thought America would become so fascist so quickly with so little awareness. They can do anything they want now. Americans will always find a rationalization for what their government does. ‘It can’t happen here. You’re paranoid.’

    They could really set up death panels for the elderly and people would buy the official dribble probably about having to sacrifice. After all, we just can’t afford them. What about the future of the grandchildren? We need the money we’ll save on Medicare to spend protecting the rest of you from terrorism. They’re old. They don’t have much time left anyway. Don’t worry. It’s just for old people. We promise we won’t use the death panels for anyone else.

    Seriously, I think tomorrow Obama could send a drone out to kill a random guy with a hellfire missile strike in a fucking Star Bucks, with a dozen ‘collateral damage’ deaths. Then he’d announce that law enforcement couldn’t get to the terrorist safely or in time to stop him from killing hundreds or thousands. Maybe all those killed were having a sinister terrorist meeting. Obama can claim whatever he likes. With no independent investigation, most would accept it and thank Obama for saving us. Then it would just become routine, commonplace for death to rain from the sky in your town…so long as it keeps us safe…

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