Vocabulary Glossary for Libya

Obama engaged in linguistic contortions in order to justify his violation of the War Powers Act. To avoid requesting Congressional approval for the war in Libya, he pretends it doesn’t qualify as “hostilities.” Tell it to the Libyans.

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  • More political silliness, we haven’t been in a “War” since WWII, I wonder how all the dead people feel about having their military service compared to dancing with the stars.

  • 2 problems with the last frame. 1) Dead people are not compost, because you can’t use animal products for compost. The bodies would need to be stripped and incinerated before they could be composted. 2) Aside from the clothing, the bodies of the maimed dead are surely not organic, what with the lead and depleted uranium.

    However, you are correct about the sustainability aspect, so 2 of 3 isn’t so bad. Unless you’re talking about China, India or Pakistan, mass murder is clearly sustainable. . . as the human population is exploding at a rapid rate compared with how quickly we kill each other.

    I’d like you to do a political cartoon on the impending military conflict between Turkey and Syria. Come to think about it, I’d like you to write an article about the Turkey-Syria border. If I had money to commission some investigative reporting I would, but I don’t.

  • By the way….a war is not ‘hostilities’ when the power elite declares it not to be, just like torture is not torture when we redefine . . .excuse me. . . .”clarify” . . .what has already been made clear…and cutting revenues raises revenues….increasing unemployment decreases unemployment….war makes peace…the poor are stealing from the rich…and the way to preserve democracy and national sovereignty is to bankrupt democratic institutions and give all power to multinational corporations.

    This is why you cannot speak truth to power, Ted. Power has truth, their truth, and they don’t give a damn about anything else, because they don’t have to. The status quo is in their favor.

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