V-O Day

If The Kiss famously caught by a photographer on V-J Day in Times Square happened today, it might look and feel different. The death of Osama bin Laden does nothing to ease the economic pain of depression and collapse.

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  • Now THAT Ted, is a beautiful, humorous, striking and above all, original response to the final murder of Osama Bin Ladin, and the disproportionate response of joy by (parts of) the American public and the sad US state media.

    That. Is. Beautiful.

    Good job Mr Rall.

  • Sorry I hurt your feelings with my last comment and forced you to censor me, Ted. I guess I didn’t follow those “rules of civility” you claimed to require. Such as when you accuse Tillman of being racist murderer, but then basically support the actions of Osama bin Laden (“I don’t know . . . They didn’t get it last time.”) I suppose the rules of civility only apply when the insults are aimed at you.

    I tell you, man – I have this fantasy where you debate Christopher Hitchens. God have mercy, I’d pay large sums of money to see him wipe the floor with your sad self. A true intellect vs. a guy who got beat up too much in high school.

    But anyways. You’re a sad man. And your day in the spotlight is over.

  • “Such as when you accuse Tillman of being racist murderer”

    When was that, Ranja? If you followed the story, you’d know that Ted’s main focus was always the cover-up. He initially suggested Tillman had to be a bit of a yahoo to give up a football contract to chase jihadis, but walked it back gracefully after learning more about the man.

  • When was that? In the cartoon in which TIllman was sitting in front of an army recruiter and said “Never mind the fine print. Will I get to kill Arabs?” Please don’t try to tell me that wasn’t accusing him of being (1) a racist, and (2) a mindless murderer. And then, of course, he refers to Tillman as an idiot in the same cartoon.

    I don’t actually have a problem with any of that. I just think it’s hilarious that a man who creates cartoons with that type of content would then demand “Rules of Civility” when people criticize him.

    Well, not hilarious really. Much closer to pathetic.

  • Well, Ted, if, indeed, «your day in the spotlight is over» as that denizen of the spotlight who hides behind the signature «Ranja» claims, you can comfort yourself with the thought that, as Ovidius came to realise, «bene qui latuit bene vixit». But please, in your coming obscurity, do keep providing us with cartoons of this quality !…


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