Unequal Justice under the Law and Politics

When Joe Biden gets criticized for voting for the war against Iraq, his defenders say that he wasn’t alone, that he had help from the Republicans. That, of course, is true. But it would never be an excuse for you or me.

5 thoughts on “Unequal Justice under the Law and Politics

  1. And let us not forget, Ted, that our dear «superiors» justify their exaggerated salaries and priviliges by the great «responsibilities» they bear – and when they screw up so badly that they are forced to leave, they «take responsibility» by becoming well-remunerated «commentators» on TV networks and talk shows, while getting help to write a book describing their adventures in the belly of the beast….


  2. Can anyone provide a source? I’d like to know how much various politicians paid in taxes versus their total wealth. Nancy Pelosi’s worth $120 million isn’t she? Don’t tell me she, ah, suffers at tax time. It’s a minor inconvenience for her because even after the taxes are paid, she’s still obscenely rich. It’s like how if you’re speeding, you get a $500 fine regardless of whether you make minimum wage or $150,000 a year.
    If we’re gonna rake Trump over the coals, fine. Hand out some asbestos gloves. Buy let’s haul everyone over those coals. Let’s strife for equal coverage, and maybe equal justice will be not too far behind.

    • Alex, I don’t know if legislators like Ms Pelosi make a habit of revealing their tax returns – which, of course, have been massaged by the best accountants money can buy – or not, perhaps you could check it out ? (Tax returns here in Sweden are public documents, which anyone has the right to see.) But to my mind, the really interesting aspect of Mr Trump’s tax returns is not so much how much federal income tax he paid in this year or that, but what they tell us about, e g, the state of his business affairs and the oddities of the US tax code (nobody, insofar as I know, is suggesting that he – or rather, his accountants, did anything illegal i this respect). It would seem that Mr Trump’s business empire is on rather shakier ground than he has let on to the general public….


  3. The people who completely destroyed Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria are praised by the New York Times for transforming brutal, impoverished dictatorships and state sponsors of terror into democratic, peaceful, and prosperous paradises, and the world owes them a great deal of gratitude, praise, and peace prizes.

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