Two ISIS Guys Hanging Out

When you stop to think about it, ISIS has killed fewer people than President Obama. If ISIS represents an existential threat that the world must stop no matter what, does that make the US even worse? What, besides technology, is the difference between drones and beheadings?

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  • If the Christian “right” ever figures out they’ve got more in common with the fanatical Muslims than with decent people we’re all doomed.

    The differences are purely cosmetic. To the rationals amongst us it looks like people killing each other over diet Coke vs. diet Pepsi.

  • I of course really can’t listen to our pols much anymore, but I did hear Obama trying to justify using AUMF for ISIS. “They’re a terrorist group. Plain and simple.” As are we, Mr. President.

    Bill Clinton said something like “they’re beheading people. You just can’t let that kind of thing go answered.” There’s almost no end to the angles that statement could be attacked on.

  • alex_the_tired
    October 3, 2014 7:53 PM

    The difference between drones and beheadings?

    That’s a they-see, we-see kind of question. For ISIS, beheadings are a badge of honor. It’s a “yeah, I’m devoted to the cause. I’m real serious” declaration. When you saw someone’s head off, there’s no question about what you’ll do for the cause. You will do pretty much whatever it takes.

    For ISIS, dropping a clusterbomb from a plane three miles up in the sky, killing civilians, children, women, destroying whole villages and never even looking the victims in the eye as you do it? What could be more cowardly and contemptable? It is a brutal, violent, irredeemable action.

    For us, a beheading is a brutal, violent, irredeemable action. The victim of the beheading, unlike all the children and women and men who were simply going about their lives, was innocent and did not deserve to die.

    For us, dropping a bomb that we know is going to kill a lot of civilians, is simply, shrug, part of the cost of fighting for freedom. God Bless America and please have your bag ready for inspection if you want to use the subway. And don’t even think about walking away because we will put two rounds in the back of your head and say you were running at us in reverse.

    I put it to you that the difference isn’t about drones and beheadings. Both have the same end result.

  • Belief in one’s own righteousness and a divine mandate to rule the world has never been a guide to wise policy….


    • I have no problem believing in my own divine mandate. The real problem always seems to be in convincing the other guy.

      Obviously, I have no choice but to smack him with an antelope’s thighbone until he sees reason.

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