Two Bad Options, One Obvious Choice

Historically, unemployment tends to go up under Republicans and down under Democrats. Meanwhile, Democrats like Jimmy Carter and of course the current president have suffered from inflation. But what would you rather have? A paycheck shrinking from inflation? Or no paycheck at all?

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  • The most pressing question is: “Would you rather the entire world population be annihilated … or allow the filthy (probably Birkenstock-wearing!!!) Russians to exist simultaneously on the same planet with us ‘truly exceptionals’?”

    The first proposition is brought to you recently by the handlers of Dem. President Dirty Harry. I’m not entirely convinced this is a partisan conundrum.

  • alex_the_tired
    November 7, 2022 12:34 PM

    If you make $900 a week and lose 5%, you’re down to $855. Before taxes. If you’re talking after taxes, it’s more like $600 and $570. That’s $120 a month. If you don’t have that much margin, it might as well be 50%, because you are now losing money every week.

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